In-Game Audio Buggy in iPadOS 13 Beta 5

Hi there!

I’ve run into some problems with audio playback in the beta. Seems that every time an ATC instruction (text-to-speech) is read we lose all in-game audio, IE engine sounds, until IF is sent to the background and reopened or closed out entirely.

This only happens when text-to-speech is used. I haven’t seen this bug reported yet as a beta-wide issue so I wasn’t sure if something in IF wasn’t playing well with it.



Only official releases are supported. Beta releases are not supported and your experience may vary.


I’ve had the same issue 😔 At least the beta doesn’t have the annoying volume box

sane here. i tried to uninstall the app and restart my ipad, both doesn’t work… i guess we have to roll back to official os , but im in love with ipad os.

The only solution I found when you can not hear the sound of your plane is to put the game on pause and resume. Otherwise, open the notification center (on IOS) and resume the game.
Otherwise, do not play under IOS13 :)