In-game ATC Tutorials

Are you tired of new, or even veteran users not following directions? This feature is a step toward a better ATC experience on both the expert and training server!

In game ATC Tutorials

Okay, so you’re already wondering if this is a repost - yes, I am aware of the ATC tutorials posted on youtube and whatnot, but I’m talking about a different type. I’m proposing a mandatory ATC tutorial for new users, both on the training server and the expert.

I have noticed from a TS1 controller view, that many users still don’t follow the rules.

What does this do?
Basically, the ATC menu will highlight the suggested commands… for new TS1 users, they MUST click these things, such as before being able to push, they must ask for permission. I’m going to divide this into 2 sections - one for the Expert server and one for the TS1 server.

Training Server
  • Users with the first few(3-5ish flights) on the server must follow this
  • Ask to push, then the push button will be enabled.
  • Request taxi before being able to throttle up - with a speed limit
  • Must be holding short to request takeoff
  • Pattern tutorial (Explaining downwinds, bases, etc)
  • And many more…
Expert Server
  • With the fact that more users are able to join this server due to long flights, some users are still learning - I understand that everyone is learning through the process, so this will just have recommendations, not forcing people do it
  • If they get violation or ghosted(reported) they must use the feature
  • ATIS first!
  • Etc… can you think of more?

Okay, so I understand that this would be hard to code, but maybe it doesn’t need to be as high tech - Just a gold highlight and maybe an arrow as a suggestion.

Upon entering the training server for the first time, users will be guided as to what to do. They must use these commands before pushing back, etc. The system could also warn people of going the wrong way, the wrong way requested by ATC. After using this for a few times, users will be able to have more freedom. For the expert server, they will be guided onto using ATC… things will just be highlighted, and they won’t be forced to use it.

Ending Remarks
Constructive criticism is encouraged, please comment on this so I can improve it.

Yes! I do understand that this would take time and a ton of work - but would the outcomes outweigh the costs? Let me know.

Thanks for staying along,

cutmypic Aviation Enthusiast, Grade 3, virtualBlue First Officer

Very nice feature request. As an IFATC I believe this would make our job much easier and better for all other players!


Thank you very much!

Great coming from an IFATC controller - I also do believe there should be more options in the menu (like a message to inform, like you taxied to the wrong runway, etc), this is just a step toward improving the ATC experience

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I usually hit em with the “please follow instructions,” they’ll usually realize their mistake then. Or if it’s not busy I just let it be.


That works, but I think we lost “the privilege” to say that on the TS server.

Users on the expert server usually “get the idea” and then follow the directions, but the users on the TS server may not.


I agree, and that’s why this is a good feature request


This is a really good feature request. You have my vote. As im training to become IFATC i see many people who don’t follow the rules and then they just press “I’m sorry.” They all know what they are doing, for the most part, and this will really help out people. But maybe it will only be given to people who have been ghosted on the expert server, they have to do 5 flights with this feature and if someone gets too many reports on TS1 they will have to do this for 5 flights. But really cool idea.


Thanks for the comments.

Really good ideas - will add to my post. Thanks for the ideas 😉


Good feature request! Thread carried out nicely too. Sadly, reached the vote limit.

This could also have a few stages. Like tutorials for people who want to advance, possibly teaching them about something like pattern work. The terms used in pattern work would be explained and (with a lot of hard coding) the controller would be hit with some challenging situations that (maybe) they have to beat and then unlock certain commands.

This is all brainstorming though, would be nice to know how practical this would be.

Also, the tutorials would be based off ATC tutorials in #tutorials. That’s copying - I know - however those tutorials are really nice.

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Thank you very much!

Yes pattern work will need to be explained, will add that

Thank you for your comments!

No problem! Always glad to contribute to an amazing idea!

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At the very least, the current tutorials need to be better organized in the game interface.

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Hmmm… I think the ATC challenge idea is interesting… would take a ton of work, but its very useful…

Here’s what I propose

A controller grade system -
Like the current pilot grade system - unlocking more abilities as you play, earning xp for proper usage of commands!

Would take a lot of work, but could be worth it.

That’s true, as well. Would love to see something like an info button near ATC or Your controls when flying that would take You to an organized library of tutorials.

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That’s good too!

First You pass the ground stage, relatively easy, grade 1.

Lets say take off, landing, change frequency commands would be grade 2, no access to approach, departure or center. More advanced commands would come with grade 3 and also access to departure.

Grade 4 would unlock center.
Grade 5 - approach.

Before progressing to the next grade, You will be introduced about the basics of the next grade (when You have all the statistics required to pass).

Incorrect use of commands might result in degradation, maybe in the forms of violations?

Also, if some genuine constructive feedback would be given at the end of each flight by the pilots, like in #atc tracking threads, would definetly decrease the work force needed. Maybe a rating system? However lower than grade 3 pilots wouldn’t be allowed to give such criticism or vote.

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I like the thinking behind this request. Thanks!

There are many ways to learn and train to be a pilot and interact with ATC’s.
My suggestion here is to not have the ‘MUST’ part; I would not force new pilots on Training server to go through this. I think on Training we need a number of basis rules, on which basis we can police pilots who deliberately misbehave and irritate others. Big, separate topic, not for here.

Instead, I suggest to introduce a ‘Learning server’. Pilots who fly there, specifically go there to learn. Implement in-game tutorials there, where pilots learn to understand the basics, and get referred to more detailed tutorials.

Expert server is a separate chapter again. Here we expect Pilots to know the rules and understand and follow all the ATC instructions. I agree that many fly on Expert, without having a clue. But this should, in my view, not be addressed via in-game learning.

The tough part is how to implement in-game tutorials. For example, how is an in-game tutorial going to handle an inbound aircraft, and teach this pilot how to ‘enter via left downwind, number 2 traffic to follow is on right base’. Pretty complex stuff, which requires huge situational awareness of the tutorial system.


That’s also a neat idea, but Training server should be kept civilized to atleast a point. Frankly, I don’t enjoy the trolls that I encounter, when I’m flying or ATCing. Yes, pilots troll me sometimes.

But I think Your idea is a good one and yes - complex, just like our ideas, however the outcomes would outwiegh the costs.

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Very true… a learning server is interesting… but that’ll increase costs and whatnot. Maybe a setting in the settings section like a learning mode.

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I agree there needs to be more strict rules like expert server

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Also IF has a YouTube channel they could check that out
For those training server and casual server members there YouTube channel name is Infinite Flight with the IF (Infinite flight) logo

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