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Can someone help me I created a account on my android app and I had to switch phones and went to apple and when I put in my email it says my account does not exist and when I try with Facebook is says the same thing help please

Welcome to the community! The subscription is non transferable between phone brands, being they are the ones that received the initial payment, not Infinite Flight. I would highly recommend requesting a refund from the Google play Store in which you made the purchase.

Welcome! Adding on to what @bcc.123 said, you’ll want to purchase a new subscription through your Apple device. Once you’ve purchased the sub, you should be able to connect your account.

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Essentially this is what is transferrable:

App Pricing: No - you have to buy the app again
Account: Yes - if not currently tied to a subsciption
Pro Sub: No, you have to buy it again.

true… you will have to purchase the app again but, you can still transfer your IF account with pro subscription if your both the devices are synced

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Did you use the same account information from your old phone to the new one?

Interesting, I don’t see a problem with a pro account on both software versions. Sure, you may need to buy the app again on iOS, but the account should probably stay the same. Here is an article from Apple that may help you out: (I would also recommend re-starting the app)

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