In Game Accolads

With global coming out I think it would be great to see an accolade system implemented into the game which tracks specific achievements. We have the Grading system but why not have in game badges for completing different tasks. For example for completing X amount of flights to say Europe from North America you get the Transatlantic badge, or for landing at a certain airport a certain amount of times you get the Airport Regular badge. It wouldn’t just be for where you travel but could have certain badges like 100,000MGL badge or speed of sound badge. Finally, there could be an aircraft mastery badge such as meeting certain stats with an aircraft. With the in game achievements you wouldn’t unlock anything but the badges but allows others to see what you have achieved. It would also allow players to see where people have been and what community events they have participated in. It would also spur people to be more active and try new things in order to expand their skill and travel to new airports.


I think this is a great idea. I would definitely get the EGNS airport regular badge. The amount of times I’m planning on flying in or out of there.


This feature was added but deleted in the early life of IF

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My fear is that if we have badges for altitude or speed, it will encourage that behavior on the TS and Expert servers. Plus you can already see flight time and landing counts from the user stats.

Flying for hours does not impress me once global comes out. We have already seen posts with people complaining about needing to hold the device for so long and trying to find ways of “cheating”. Personally I don’t think you should be rewarded with a badge because you used auto pilot and went to sleep for hours.

Badges/sdtats for perfect landings (based on the current standards used when calculating XP) would be nice to see.

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They used to have achievements but for some reason, they removed it.


Would love to see that as well. Distance from center line and descent rate at touch down could be the factors for how many xp you get.

You can see some of that info if you use Live Flight Connect so I know it is available.

The devs wouldn’t be careless enough to add it to encourage bad behavior.

  • Accolades system should be in IF!
  • Accolades system won’t work well in IF.

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I actually like this idea. It would bring some enthusiasm to the sim and give people a reason to want to fly. I would only want it to a certain extent though, not to the point that it takes away the realism. Kind of like how badges are granted here on the community would be cool to get for accomplishing certain tasks in IF.

I’m not saying that the altitude and speed ones should be on every server. There could be server restrictions for the badges. For instance land at LAX 100 times could be open to all servers but fly at FL1000 or fly X fast would be restricted only to casual.

I would be the JFK - LHR Badge! 😏

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