In-Game 3D Airport Map

Hello IFC!
3D airports has its development already to the stage where some of the “not so popular” airports have buildings. I’m sure players would like to explore newly added 3D airports. Instead of jumping back and forth from the game to the blog post every time, putting the 3D airport map in game as a feature would be useful. This both ensures player’s enthusiasm toward the game with higher efficiency, and will value airport editor’s efforts by playing in a larger variety of 3D airports.

This feature can be located next to the “MAP” selection part as a separate button.

Related image: 22.4 3D airport map at Infinite Flight 22.4

I think Infinite Flight already kinda has this concept.

On the map when you are flying, it shows what airports are 3D in the world.

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AdamCallow made this useful website that has all that you asked for & more → IF Flightplan Tools


Its not a visual map but I just simply copy and paste the list of new 3d Airports from the blog posts into an excel sheet and mark it as if I visited it or not as I go checkout the new airports.

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Yes but you have to zoom in to see all the smaller airports…

Wow that’s interesting 🤨 I never found this website have such function

👍👍that’s a good strategy! Though what a virtual map does actually allows you to virtually see those airports! Timing is a big part of long haul flights for me🤣

So you want to have a feature where you can see all the major and current 3D airports together, and not have to zoom in?

Yes that’s the idea. Either a “highlight” feature in the Mao section, or in a separate sub-page.