In-Flight WiFi

Wow, that’s expensive. Canadian in-flight internet is much more affordable.

Luckily IF doesn’t need Internet 😏

Tracking your flight! ;)

Man you’ve come a long ways! Welcome to America!


Virgin Australia has free wifi except it’s only for using the in flight entertainment app they provide on the App Store.

I’m in seat 9k I’m in front of the wing. I filmed take off it’s on my instagram @aviation_lp

It is not 150 megabit. It is 150 megabytes throughput, for the price.

In-flight wifi is not getting lower in cost. In fact, from my travels in 2016 the cost is increasing.

For me, it makes travel go from downtime to productive, billable time, so it’s an easy spend. Sure, it is mostly unusable, but when it works it is ok, I suppose.


Haven’t seen you in a long time @fds9er!

Emirates I believe is 1g for $5.


Nop, when I’ve flown Emirates I’ve paid 1$ and I’ve had a connection for the entire flight ;-)

For the last few flights i took with Emirates (SIN-DXB-JFK, SEA-DXB-SIN) there was 10mb free for 2 hours. You could also choose to pay $1 for 500mb for the entire flight.


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Emirates WiFi costs? How do you pay for it when your on the flight

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You ask a member of cabin crew.

Yeah, of course its not 150 Mbps, that would be absolutely insane for airplane wifi. I personally have not seen limits on data for the wifi, just time limits. And some airlines, like jetBlue, have it for free! I see it as a really nice benefit, especially for people with a lot of work to do.

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I guess that was because his last post was in August and you joined in October 😉

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Try 14h flight without movies to watch and no window to see outside (was in the middle in the 3/3/3 config) and you will beg for a WiFi… Got tired of playing IF and GTA SA on my phone in the first 3 hours…


See the problem isn’t paying it’s getting connected first. I can never connect especially emirates inflight wifi

@sniperguy135 emirates doesn’t like my devices. I would click get connected and it won’t work :/

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Why JetBlue doesn’t fly across the Atlantic is beyond me…Free WiFi, Snacks etc. Byut than again, they’d jack the prices on all of them

Not enough range on the A320s, they would all be ditching near Halifax if they tried to cross from London to New York.


Emirates have 15 mins free wifi. That’s why I travel Emirates

A321 would be possible, if they configure them with the right engines