In-Flight WiFi

I’m currently on VS1 787-9 G-VBZZ. I found out there was wifi on this flight. However 15£ for 150 megabits! Who else agrees that this is pointless paying for


Not if I can send tasteful nudes of my feet to people from 41,000ft


Where can i purchase some of those sexy shots !?


Jesus christ the fright that gave me…


Spelling mistake?


I feel like planes aren’t supposed to have WiFi. I’ve gone on flights and the wifi was’t as good. And it was for “free”. Delta and United are the ones I’ve been on.


I kinda like not having wifi for a few hours. It is good to be cut off sometimes imo


Very expensive but it’s cool being able to communicate with someone at 38,000ft!

On another note, I flew on G-VBZZ in late October to LAX, after being rebooked from BA, but didn’t pay for the overpriced WiFi. Hope you’re enjoying your flight.

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150 megabits? I wish I had that at my house, let a lone a plane. I’m trying to download a few games and its gonna take me upwards of 48 hours… Planes with wifi are really nice though.

I’ve never used or purchased WiFi on a plane. I actually can manage to take a break from the internet for a few hours. People need to practice this more often. Lol.


I know with Cathay I believe its you can pay for an hour and it would pause when you got off the wifi and when you went back on I believe it would resume until you have used up a full hour. This is all i would do because why not track your own flight and see whats around you

Another reason why I love jetBlue. Unlimited free WiFi.

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If you have to pay so much how are you on the community? Did you buy it?

The flights really good I love the 787

Yeah stupidly

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IVE heard really good things about JetBlue but because im British I have never flown with them

That’s good, glad you’re enjoying your flight. Where are you sat? Are you by the window? Can you send us a picture? Sorry for all the questions!

Oh my god Misha… c’mon
By the way I’m so happy that you’re here on this forum! What IFC will look like if you were not Here ? What ?


I purchased wifi from Delta, I was able to run Flight Radar 24 and track my own flight. Even though they state that you can’t stream anything I was also able to stream LiveATC. I wouldn’t buy it every time but it was nice from KATL to KSAN.

I’m going on a Norwegian flight in February. Looking forward to that free wifi :D

Oh and that B737-800 of course.