In-flight spoilers drag sound effect (video demo)

So, unless you’re one of those types of people who get a window seat next to the wing and simply close the blinds, you probably must’ve noticed that when the spoilers are deployed to slow down during approach, there is this deep sound which fills the cabin and the cockpit, often accompanied by a slightly turbulent ride. This sound is caused because of disturbed airflow over the wings when these spoilers are deployed.

I think it would be a neat feature to have in Infinite Flight as it adds to the realism of the audio aspects to the simulator.

In order to simulate this sound effect, I’ve made a little video of ILS 34R approach to YSSY, demonstrating the sound of the induced drag. The use of headphones is highly recommended as the sound effect is bass intensive, to which justice cannot be done by playing it with regular phone/tablet speakers.

Take a close look when I deploy the spoilers to help me slow down from 220 knots to 180 knots.

The way this would work is that the sound is activated when the in-flight spoilers are deployed only during flight. However, this sound is only audible in all the HUD views, the cockpit view and the cockpit-2 view and not in the outside views, similar to the way the flaps sounds currently work.

Good idea, it’s something we’ve been missing in my opinion since we already have flap sounds but no spoiler sounds. I’ve voted, are you not gonna vote yourself though? @Mubashir


has my vote, ive always wondered why there wasnt anything for them


Lost my regular status not so long ago, but the amount of votes I could place remained the same. If I remove any vote, I won’t be able to place it on any other feature request. Such a discourse thing if you ask me.

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Yeah, I’m doing the same. Interesting request, I’ve always wanted more sound effects added for realism.

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ive noticed this everytime i fly. This would definatly add to the realism of IF. voted

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Now I know what that deep noise is and why there’s the deep noise I usually hear during descent! That noise is pure music! I learn new things everyday!

Let me see if I could remove a vote from other requests and vote for this one.

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Interesting request, could be added on gear too. Hope to see this in the game. Would make descent much more realistic. Voted!

If they add more internal cameras like on the CRJ it would be cool to hear that in the cabin