In-flight refueling.

Ok, so a good friend of the community @Recxx helped me out with some areial refueling using the f22 and kc-10. It seems as if we were successful, said refueling started and completed, but I didn’t see any change in fuel weight. So what gives? Am I doing something wrong? Please help.

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There will be a change in weight and fuel status on the aircraft being refueled. In this case the F22 would increase in weight.

However, on the KC10, you will not see a change in weight or fuel. The only loss on weight and fuel will solely be from the fuel that the aircraft burns.

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Will not l see a change in my total amount of onboard fuel after the fighter refuels… how else can l tell in flight until l land !!!

You will see a change. There are options on the bottom bar like fuel remaining and etc. These can help you know how much gas you got.

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