In flight operations

The app isn’t working and I have it connected to the app but it’s still not doing anything I’ve tried reinstalling it nothing happened I’ve played single player but that doesn’t work either. When I go back to the app it freezes then it crashes what should I do about this???

Have you turned on “Enable Infinite Flight Connect”?

To do so: Settings-> General-> scroll down.

It would be beneficial to contact @epaga to try and solve the problem. However, I would try restarting your phone/device.

I’ll try that but if it doesn’t work then I’ll talk to them

It’s fixed for some reason I had to restart my iPad

I’m stil having the issue of it not working I would get the notification to start my flight after I turn the seatbelt sign on and when I would takeoff nothing working the screen freezes the the app crashes how do I fix this

Just do this, he can probably provide more help then us.

First off, very sorry about the long silence. Been kept very busy with the latest lockdown + kids at home.

Could you let me know details like which aircraft you were in, which flight you are attempting (from where to where and which runway?)? That’d be helpful to figure out what might be causing this. Thanks.

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I’ve been using the 777 (-200 , -200LR or -300) a lot lately the flight would random because I like to fly long haul flights ex… YSSY16L- KLAX25R I’ve tried the fix to where I have to reset my iPad and it worked for a bit but maybe a week after or two it stopped working I’m wondering if it’s the long flights???

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