In Flight Operations weird bug

Sorry, this is my second post in the last few hours but this is the weirdest bug I have ver seen.

So, I just entered IF. I didn’t realise I had IFO open in the background. When I opened the app, on the home screen, IFO sent me a notification saying “finished flight log” or whatever it says, you know wjen you shtoff the engines at the destination.
I went inti the app, and this is what it showed me

I don’t remeber doing a flight from Dublin to
Gatwick EVER in my IF career. So, where did it get this from?

Edit: oh, and how did I supposedly get from DUB to LGW in 22 minutes? Also, it couldn’t of atleast made the fake landing butter could it 😂

Yeah also the flight time seems wrong

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Yeah, very strange

You can DM @epaga since he is the developer

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Hehe, I have no clue what caused this, to be honest. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Do you exit and re start a new log every flight?

Yeah, I would have exited yes.

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