In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


I ended my flight and it generated the ‘sample’ flight report instead of mine


Had this issue too before


John, I had that in the E190, of course I think it was an excellent landing-I was using manual thrust for a change lol.

I also did some testing in solo mode just to practice landings. Tried to confuse the app-it still generated landing VS.

May I suggest the following if possible please?

-Record Gate numbers in report
-Allow a simple/solo mode type for those that want their landing VS? I didn’t do much digging tonite, but I will do a stream tomorrow to see how it’s handled. I replayed in solo to where I wanted to be to get a landing VS (I had forgotten to start the log) and IF-O had no issues giving me a landing VS when I generated a report.

Only bug… ahem I mean BEST LANDING EVER! Was the 0FPM one there in the 190.


It worked! I didn’t have any interruptions so I think it’s whenever an alarm, a phone call ect goes off the app stops working

Few things
my final approach speed was 140 knots, not 169


I Think it nailed it pretty much so. This app could be onto a mega change in the way we “inflight”


That would be nice!

I don’t think IF “knows” where you parked after Landing though.

Is the gate number you departed from even in the API?


I will give this a shot. Looks great! Personally I think it would be great if there was a patterns mode that would capture less info per landing but could capture the stats for multiple landings / tough & gos for a single flight.


Didn’t read all the replies, but I’m sure it may have been mentioned.

  • reported incorrect departure runway
  • noticed flight time included taxiing (whereas IF only reports time in air)


First flight with beta 10.

Look at that LANDING V/S! 😎

I back tracked runway 24. 06 was recorded. 🙂


Did you get beta 10 from TestFlight?


Landing ? -> Grease !


Gunna try it out right now


Did you forget to tap “Begin Flight Log”?


I hit That


Actively testing! 😎


It held up for my 12 hour flight! I had the 0 fpm bug, but 1.10 came out overnight, so I wasn’t able to update. My actual landing rate was -199. Also, in the screenshot, it shows total flight time at 12:05. But, most VAs want actual flight time, time spent in the air, and IF-O includes taxiing. I had to check my bottom bar in IF to get my “real” flight time- 11:40. Maybe you could factor in flight time into the report as well? Either way, everything else seems to be fine.

  • to clarify, I was using liveflight connect to compare landing rates between the apps


Maybe you could add two times in the report. One will be the FLIGHT TIME which is the time from takeoff to landing. Other one will be the BLOCK TIME which includes the flight time and the time taken to taxi(i.e. the time from DEP gate to ARRIVAL gate)


I did a short flight from KDCA to KCLT and all of the numbers looked reasonable. The runways were correct…this was with version 9. I will do a flight today after dinner from KCLT to KMCA and let you know.
I do with you could read the report in application though.


we are now on version 11 which was released about 30 minutes ago

btw @epaga do you have an idea of when you will release the full version of the app


-It often resets me to a gate close but not the same as where I Parked after the flight

-No idea on the API