In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


Thx, now I can at last see my final V/S and landing pitch angle. I would say this app is likely my favorite as it has so much detail.


I was wondering if you could add that your step climbing, and maybe in the report at initial Cruise altitude and final Cruise Altitude


I can’t wait to try it out this weekend! Just a heads up though: the Landing FPM rate might be ‘glitched out’! xD


I have landed shut down, went to shut my app off and it was stuck like this. Couldn’t generate a report


Nothing incorrect here :)


Did anyone noticed the comment at the end of the log 😂
Nice one @epaga


Nah I put that there ;)


Downloaded it! Can’t wait to try it tonight!


Latest report:

Foggy at KBOS!
Altitudes for MILTT, IRSEW, R3110 off kilter a bit.
Also, glad this counts taxi time! My IF logbook says 33 minutes for the flight.


Did another flight and everything looked perfect. Correct runways and cruise. This app is really good.


Wow love it!

Tried many flights doing different things.

I found when I backtaxied for takeoff it put my departing runway as the side I backtaxied from.


Does changing your FPL midflight mess up the flight route portion or should it still record the waypoints that were in previous FPLs? For example my most recent flight, I had a full FPL made from KDOV to CYQB but saw some friends mid way through my flight and joined up with them to KEWR, but it didn’t record the 4 waypoints I flew over before I changed the FPL. Everything else is accurate and looks great!

iPhone 6s
iOS 12.1
IF-O 1.0 (9)


I changed mine a few waypoints on this flight. Didn’t seem to mess anything up.
#UltimateGreaser (don’t think the VS was a glitch-I had a hella nice flare and the nose angle was right on point)


Worked this time, anything after an hour mine doesn’t like to work it seems like


I’ll be trying a 3 hour trip tomorrow. Have done mostly 60-90 minute flights as of now.


I’m doing another 3 hour flight here soon


I’m currently on a 12 hour trip. Let’s hope I remember not to close the app this time…


I think I might of found out why mine froze - My alarm went off and it stopped the app


Landing rate at 0


I did two ACVA flights. This app is very promising. I really like it!

Although for the second image the Departure airport didn’t show, this has happened to me twice.