In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)



It captures only the fuel but for total fuel used and fuel remaining (yes I only had approx 200kg of fuel left. Yes, I am a daredevil ;) )


My cruise was FL310 but everything else looks good.


Yes I had that, I had landed shut down went to end my report and it wouldn’t allow me


Yep, so next time try to make the report before you shut down IF / end your flight. You need to be still standing at the gate with engines off. I should consider changing this, I think. I have all the data - I could just have it create a report internally when you end your flight in IF.


Maybe ask for the flight number and such before logging starts?


Will test as soon as possible again. Engines where definitely off. I start in IF with engine turned off and Engine start is the lst thing I do just before releas break.
Had the issue on iPad, and can’t reproduce it on my iPhone. Will check when I am back at iPad.


Won’t seem to work on my IPhone 8+, tried engines off, on, filing a flight plan, EVERYTHING and the start button is still greyed out. I’m on iOS 12 too


My findings after another pattern flight:

Engines have to be shutdown otherwise the option to generate a report is greyed out. You do not have to wait until the engines are at 0%.

I landed on the left gear first and also bounced. It did not replicate the “LANDING V/S: 0FT/M” issue.


Did you check “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” in the settings of Infinite Flight?


Brilliant work there! Cant wait to use it


If this could be changed that would probably help some people in the future with some mildly infuriating human errors, like the first time I tried to create a report and forgot to not close Infinite Flight first after a 1hr and 30min flight… 🙃. App looks amazing though!


Same @Trio… except mine was a 10 hour flight 😭


Anything less than ~300 FPM can be considered a grease job but there are times in windy conditions you’ll need to plant the plane on the runway.


I love this app!
It’s now part of a small selection of apps I don’t fly without.
By making use of a shortcut I am able to start all apps at once (sort of) 😉


Did a quick flight to test it again… so cool. All the info is accurate, going to try it again today. :)

iPhone 6s
iOS 12.1
IFO version 1.0 (9)


Thanks everyone for your participation, this is such a blast!

Could do that but for example the comments field is one you’ll fill in at the end with something like

  • bumpy landing due to rough weather
  • was on hold due to visibility
  • I am the King of Butter

so if you’re going to fill that in at the end, you might as well fill in the other fields there too (though those are usually pre-filled based on your last report anyways).

Very strange - yes, please check!

I think Jan may be right - have you checked “IF Connect Enabled” in the IF settings?

OUCH. I will definitely try to make this more user-friendly!


@epaga don’t make me call Deercrusher lol. The official aviation term is “grease job” this butter garbage is an over used IFC thing. Butter is a dairy product.



Moving right along… 😜

Sitting on the tram on the way home from work, I just found the V/S 0 bug! 👍🏻 The fix will be in the next beta build … may or may not be out today since it’s my date night and I prefer not being murdered by my wife (“no honey, seriously, this V/S 0 bug thing is super important!”).


I was thinking as a precaution for when people accidentally end the flight before going back to IF-O to stop logging and creating the report.

I get that you won’t have any comments, but at least that way the information would still be saved when you implement automatic report generation when the flight is ended.


Nice landing @Kate_Russell!