In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


The last two flights where I used this. the airport does not show up under "to’ in my infinite flght log


Finished a flight from KIAH to KCRP and noticed a few minor things:

I took off from RWY27, but it shows 09 which is the opposite (known issue)

Also, it seems that it only records waypoints that we’re actually passed. I had a few extra in there but weren’t included in the report since I didn’t actually pass them. However I assume it’s intentional.

Other than that, I enjoyed using the app, and will definitely use it again in the future!


I don’t think it’s an issue with his app. Ive seen it happen even without using a 3rd party.


I’ve been using this sequence, it’s worked well so far! Get both connection notifications/messages from IF-Apps. Go to IF-O, Hit begin preflight, pop into IF, Set fuel/flightplan, back to IF-O hit begin log, slideover IF-A for finishing up preflight and then off to the races.


It’s working great for me :)

Edit: small complaint but the time and date don’t change colors agenst the dark heavy background


Just landed it didn’t generate a report after four hours of flying =\


Liking this app! Great job with it, no problems so far!


Had some issues with this one.

Fuel is off the wall. 99.9% sure I loaded fuel preflight

Screenshots are PIREP, screenshot of actual fuel remaining/burned (bottom right)

YouTube link to my preflight processes:

Altitudes are off on final approach as well
YouTube link to post flight:


This tho… This makes my day. #GreaseJob


One suggestion for an addition down the line (if there’s a way to do @epaga would be fuel used/remaining at each waypoint for folks to compare to their simbrief plans




Similar to the circled/boxed numbers


Once again, incorrect runway but this time for departure.
Takeoff N1 was off by 1%
And I didn’t cruise at FL35


This is very very cool


I am now trying out the beta and so far so good.


-117fpm grease? not yet ahaha try -70fpm or less nows thats grease (;

still a decent execution of the landing passengers would not been complaining with that smooth touchdown.


Wow, it’s getting full in here! 😜 Thanks for all your help everyone!

Which runway did you use? I was pretty sure I had fixed this…that’s strange. Could you give me more details here?

Thanks, can consider this.

Very weird, can you reproduce this if you do the exact same flight again?

So sorry, this is frustrating I’m sure. Can you give me details of what you did so I can try to reproduce the problem?

added as known issue

this is intended

very weird, but may be an IF bug

anything is possible, I guess. can you reproduce it with this?


I used 13 for departure. I’m going to test it again tonight to see if it works.


Great thanks. Please make sure you have the latest update in TestFlight!


So do you have to end the flight then go review the flight or stay at the gate exit the app and review flight? I ended the flight and went to review but the only option available was cancel flight.


Hello so a couple things.

  1. I landed on 04R(or L cannot remember) but it says that the arrival runway is 33L I taxied on 33L to my gate as I did not want to go all the way around. Taking off from seattle there is no 15R the three runways are all 16.
  2. The fuel thing I added fuel as I knew I was going to be short on fuel. So is it possible to show the added fuel at the starting point.

@epaga This is meant for you as @DiamondGaming4 I accidentally replied to your comment


You stay at the gate, you don’t end your flight. Hmm…could this have been your issue @anon93248082?

Thanks for the precise details, will add this to the known issues - apparently it’s overwriting your runway if you taxi over a different one. And 15R must be something from the arrival airport then, very weird.

Hmmm if you make fuel changes after beginning the flight log, it’s going to screw it up, probably need to restart the flight log at that point…