In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


Yep it’s a bug and I’m still trying to figure out when / why it happens. Did you bounce at all? What would you say the V/S “should” have been?


I didn’t bounce at all, but the landing very smooth. I’d say under -175


Wow, it’s a rare day when you hear Jan call something “perfect” - yay!!! 🎉


It was a crosswind so I had been playing with the rudder, I wonder if maybe that had anything to do with it?


Another perfect flight!

I was using IF Checklists and IF-A for the entire flight.
During app switching (slide-over) I even switched to the home screen by accident a couple of times.

Everything kept working.

This is so much fun! 😄


Can’t wait to get done with school so I can test this out!


Ganna take it out yet once again!
Thanks for opening this to the public!


So joining the beta! Very cool!


TOTALLY gonna be doing this right now.


New build #9 is out - please update in TestFlight

  • Tried a fix for the “V/S 0” issue. Please test whether this works.
  • Fixed the “waypoints used more than once only show up once in the flight route” @Major-Tom


I shall be joining you in this.


Didn’t work…


Thanks. 😔 Bummer.

The more Details the better! Best would be a recorded video of the landing, otherwise at least whether you bounced, how many landings you did, what the V/S should have been (roughly)…anything


Ok, I’ll try


It worked, now… - finally a butter, no that’s a joke… should I make a bouncy landing and record it?

I did this with my phone and not with my iPad… I don’t know if there’s any difference


I found this when I rotated my screen… the buttons worked


This is so tuff it make infinite flight easy to fly in the game I’m happy this came


Is it possible it’s to do with landing on one wheel in a crosswind? It could be measuring once both wheels are on the ground, but the first took the impact…


Worked great! 35kt gusting winds sure were a challenge on approach… No complaints!


So excited to try it out tonight on my long haul 😁