In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


not sure if it’s an issue, or just a reminder is needed:
If you start another app between In-flight and IF In flight didn’t work.
More detailed:
Started In-flight, pressed begin pre-flight
Started IF, message about In-flight connected appear, started flight
Remembered to start Discord
Back to IF, entered FP
Switched to In-flight, and couldn’t start the logging.
Have to kill In-flight and start it new before it worked.
… only restarted In-flight, Discord and IF continued running!



Not that I ever listen though! ;)


What I did:

Opened IFA
Opened IFO
Opened IF and set things up
Went back to IFO and pressed ‘Begin Flight Log’


Jup, that’s, ok, the last app you opened before IF was IFO.
What happened to me is that it’s not working if you open another app before you start the logging.


I have a different experience.
I opened:

  • IF Checklists
  • IF-O
  • IF-A
  • IF

I did it is this order.
Everything worked just fine.

I will test this some more though.


But then 07R for 24L wouldn’t make sense, it would be 06R if your theory is correct.


The runway issue should be fixed in the latest build (7). Please let me know if not.


Hmm, that weird.


I updated to Build 6 and then did the flight I showed the PIREP for above - it didn’t work

Edit: Will try with Build 7 - just got the notification that it has been released


That could be, but it would be a total coincidence.

When there are several runways, it could be anything.

I did a flight at EHAM from 24 to 36C. The report showed from 09 to 09. 😉

But it should be fixed now! YAY!


There’s a seventh build


Sorry, I mean build 7, which just (seconds ago) was released.


Trying it now, will hop from KLAX to KVNY


Hmm that would definitely be an issue, but I just followed what you wrote step by step but I could start the logging. Are you sure your engines were completely off (and not being turned off)?
Which device was this? iPhone or iPad?


I had a normal landing - so not bouncy and it gave me 0 fpm


Hmmm need to figure out why it might do this…thanks for the info.


I’ll try to reproduce it later


My phone died - will try again tomorrow


Perfect! 😃


Is a landing V/S of 0 FPM a bug? Or am I just that good?