In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


I had some issues with changing the music.
But I hadn’t the time to reproduce it yet.
I had a song for taxi,
next item stop
Then a song for taxi


For next flight I set taxi dep. to none and a song to takeoff but had no music at all.


The app will already be free


It’s going to be a free app when finished


In a Cessna Caravan, for me, the flight does not log anything. Works for all other aircraft.



What happens in your case?


It said it had started, but when I finished the flight it still said switch on your engines and lights.


OK, so I re-installed it, and It seems to work fine now. (=


For me it just doesn’t start the log, IPad 3, all up to date, latest build

  • Double-check the “IF Connect” checkbox is enabled.
  • restart your iPad
  • start IF-O
  • start IF

You should hear a “chime” - do you?


Where is this checkbox?


In IF, Settings -> General, toward the bottom


Ah, that’s it, all good now, thanks for your help! Great app, keep up the good work!


I know this is now only for iOS system, but will there be a android version?


This question has been asked and answered many times already.
Please check the topic by searching first.


Okay, thanks!


Working well here @epaga


Forgot to mention, Build 21 works. Thanks! NSV now uses this for Validations :)


We are on Build 21 now or so. The time issue is still going for me. it has been between 5-15 mins off. still love it though. proves i need more work on my landings


Thanks guys! Planning on submitting to Apple today…take two! Will let you know how it goes…

Assuming you’re talking about discrepancy between Infinite Flight’s “flight” time and what IF-O says? If so, you can check your watch when you take off and land and tell me which one is correct. I’m pretty sure IF doesn’t count time if you’re not connected.


All looked fine until I saw the landing v/s…

It was not 1, live flight connect told me around -100.