In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


That’s 2 / 4! :) @MemePigeon21 @AviationGaming how about you? Is build 21 working for you?

Could you give me a step-by-step process how to reproduce this issue? When I select “nothing”, it removes the music (including the “(Continue)” entries…


The titles disappear when “Nothing” is selected, but the music is still being triggered.


Are you going to add better visuals in the IF-O APP?


What do you mean by that?


Instead of a plane taking-off, are going to be other things in the app?


Well, personally, I don’t see the point since it’s really just meant for background use.


I agree! You don’t need it but it would make the app look a bit more visually appealing!


Can you add an on/off for the music?
That way the playlist can be retained, without having to delete each song, if music is not desired.


Great idea.


A slider for volume would be great, I can’t hear ATC or Unicom when music plays except for extrem quietly passages. Or a automatic fade to background may be.
But a slider where I can adjust the music in relation to IF would be best.
I pulled up ATC in IF to max by the way and have SFX to 2/3.
But at all it is agreat idea to hav especially music for some flight phases!


Good idea. Volume control could also act as the on/off. ✅


Unfortunately volume control is not an option (at the moment).

Apple Music does not have a separate volume control.

That means that turning it down would also turn down IF and IF-A.


Well I don’t want to have your IFA dulcet tones lowered Jan. You are the only reason I don’t have speeding violations!


Anybody knows the invitation code


The link in the original post explains everything:


Unfortunatoey cant test the app cause I have Android


I don’t really know why but IFO never works for me. I select preflight and follow the instructions but it never goes past preflight. any ideas @epaga ?


You need to begin your flight in IF. Make sure your API settings are on. It will begin logging your flight when you turn on the seatbelt and no smoking signs.


OK added a switch @GBIRD, also fixed an issue @Jan found.

If nobody finds anything majorly wrong with this version, I’ll try submitting it to Apple again in a day or two… 🙏🏻


Do we get to keep the app that we downloaded in beta testing for free once it is finished? I do love the idea; would be nice if we got to keep it?