In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


Yes. Everything you said I have.

  • What is an example song/playlist/album you press to make it crash?
  • What specifically are you clicking (what do you mean by “the background audio”)


This is what you should see in Settings:



1 hour flight, C208, worked perfectly.
Another great app by IFA !


When i click this

it crashes.


OK new build is out with some fixes for crashes in the music menu - I was able to reproduce a couple. Especially if you’ve encountered any crashes in the music menu, please test again with build 21.

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Just tried and it worked, no crash :)


That’s 1 out of 4 so far! :)


Hello there community I would like to know of how to use this

Thanks bye


Check the top-most post in this thread for instructions.


Ok thx I’ll check it out


It says I need a invitation code


Read the instructions again, slowly. :) The link in there already contains the invitation code.


Ok sorry I will do it know thank you


I was just wondering if this is the right part because I’m not seeing anything


Nope, it was further up. 😜 This part:

Here is the public beta link for my upcoming app In-Flight Operations. 😜

You need to download the app TestFlight from the App Store and then you can tap that link and install the app.


This part?


Let’s take this to DM, shall we? :)


It works!
Thank you


I’ve found an issue.

Although I selected “Nothing” for each phase, the music that had been selected for earlier flights was still triggered.