In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


Most of the time, it works even after a call, but I had that one time where someone called me and it stopped working for me.


Same here.


Just tried it for the first time today! Works and looks great!!! Keep up the great work!!!


Not sure why the cruise altitude is 3,000. My highest altitude was 38,000. Also, my landing v/s was maybe half of that. One of the smoothest landings I’ve had in a long time. Anyone experiencing any issues like this?


Are you using the most recent version of the app?
1.0 (19).?


Did you do a pattern first or something? What doesn’t line up with that though is the flight time looks like it worked. Very weird - the more details about your flight from start to finish you can give me the better! Was it any different than a normal flight?


Will we be able to see an android adaptation of this game.


The only thing I did different was after I was loaded and fueled I changed my FPL and loaded more fuel but I backed out of IF and cancelled the log on IF-O. The. I reopened IF and turned on the no smoking and seat belt signs again and it fired up. I took off normally, climbed to FL340, then to FL360, and finally to FL380 for a little before I started descending.

I am using the latest version, I check every time I open up IF.


If the IOS version is a success once its fully released, then an android version has been considered.

Also, as a side note, this has been asked several times further up the thread and @epaga has said that he will consider an android version if the IOS version does well. In future, please look through all the replies and see if your question/query has already been answered since the same question being asked over and over again by different people is a good example across the entire forum as to why threads get clogged up.

Captain BennyBoy


Any chance to add a G factor for landings? Hard landings are mainly based on G factors & V/S.


Just posted a new beta build! Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you all. The only thing that is new is that you can now pick background music for the various flight phases from your music library. I’ve added this as an optional feature so that apples review team is happy, since my app declares itself as a background app, and music is one of the only reasons they allow that.

I haven’t had a whole lot of time lately, since it was my son’s birthday last week. So it’s very likely there are a few issues in this build. Let me know if you find anything.


Well so tried to set up music, just crashed the app…


Is there any way you can fix the music still playing even after closing both apps? (IF and IFO)


When you go into the music selection and press on anything it just crashes and you need to reload the app. @epaga


That’s strange, never did that for me. Try deleting and reinstalling. I think it may be because the app now has to ask permission to access your music library.

The music is simply your music library playing, so open your control center and pause it.


It still crashes


Are you using build 20?


Hmmmm…that is weird. I will see if it posted any crash logs.


Yes I am using Version 20


I take it it’s working for you then, @DiamondGaming4?