In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


The taxi to gate time is the time from first touch till engine out.


That is correct! 😉


I am trying this for the first time today flying a route for my VA. lets see how well it does. I’m a GA pilot IRL and I’m excited to see if this works as everyone says it is. But i’m also using IF Connect so I can use my joystick and I have been having connectivity issues with that recently.


Viloations? what are they… ;-)

he says tounge in cheek, now garnteed to pick up at least one at FNF!!


That was a greaser!


Thanks @Infinite2674 - yeah that current phase thing is pretty senstive to smallest climbs or descents. It shouldn’t have an influence on the report. But would be good to improve it.

Also yes - step climbs are currently not reflected in the report. Cruise Altitude is simply the highest altitude you cruised at.

In other news…

I have now submitted In-Flight Operations v1.0 to the App Store! We will see how long it takes Apple to review it (and if they find something to reject first) - on average they’re currently taking about 2 days.

YAAAAY! Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement and help in testing and finding issues. Appreciate you all! This is going to be so much fun to get this baby out there to the wider world! 😀


have just recived a notifaction from Apple that it is avalble…Fast work!


Hehe, no, that was the TestFlight notification for the public beta (that I just updated to the version I submitted to Apple).


Have you decided on price???


V1.0 will be free, with in app purchases later down the line.


My personal longest flight ever, capped off with a perfect report! Very excited for V1.0, great work!


A great tool!
Just one major issue:
Taxi to Gate is needs to be the time from last touch before engine stop.
It is a little bit annoying that it didn’t work for T&G, but it is worse if you do quick stop at a Airport on your flight plan.

Has anyone tested the fuel calculation when you did AAR?


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Tiens regarde ça @FALKOMV


Just did some AAR with IF-O, gave me negative fuel usage as expected.
Will hamper the usage for Mil-aviation a bit. But hey, so there is something for a later release to looking forward for. ;-j


Working perfectly man @epaga and @Jan!! Lovely app!


Well, some disappointing news, folks: Apple has rejected IF-O.

Your app declares support for audio in the UIBackgroundModes key in your Info.plist but did not include features that require persistent audio.
Next Steps
The audio key is intended for use by apps that provide audible content to the user while in the background, such as music player or streaming audio apps. Please revise your app to provide audible content to the user while the app is in the background or remove the “audio” setting from the UIBackgroundModes key.

What the problem is is that just like IF-A, the app runs in the background as an “audio app” so that the app doesn’t get shut down by the system. Unlike IF-A, though, IF-O doesn’t really actually play much in the way of audio at this point(though I was considering doing this down the road). The eagle-eyed reviewer picked up on this, so now I need to think through what to do. 😞

Options I can think of at this point would be:

  • add some background music you can play during your flight (I assume nobody wants this but this would likely make it through review)
  • add callouts of some kind?
  • scrap IF-O and stick its functionality into IF-A

Bummed out as I’m sure you all are as well…


Sorry about this. I would say maybe add a confirmation voice for when you start and end the flight… sounds like a good option without adding anything unnecessary to me


There is already the ‘ping’ sound when you start and finish, so I doubt making it a voice would change anything.


I’m not sure either but it would be more substantial than a ping - maybe pleasing apple.