In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


You increased the fuel after logging started! 😉

Nice landing!


Shhh😊 that’s our little secret Jan.


Short hop from Miami to KEYW. Was gorgeous, and IF-O worked perfectly! So fun!


I flew from KPVC to KFSO shooting the RNAV 19 approach. I definitely confused the waypoints, as this approach included a hold-in-leu of procedure turn. The final waypoint recording should be UPEDE, UPEDE, DUCED. The application recorded DUCED, UPEDE, DUCED. All of the rest of the numbers look perfectly reasonable.


Worked perfectly for me! My landing v/s here matched my LiveFlight Connect stat.


I love this app! And I have been using it a lot lately :D


It records a waypoint if you get within 2.5nm of any waypoint on your flight plan (and it’s the one you’re closest to). Seems to me this is OK, no? Your flight path led very close to that waypoint…

In other news - beta 18 is out and it is also release candidate 1 - test this one nice and good since if we don’t find critical bugs, I’m submitting it to Apple soon!


  • icon no longer has the weird white line up top
  • In-Flight Instruments page has a screenshot
  • In-Flight Assistant page has a play button and no longer auto-plays the video
  • Flight plans now no longer will have a double waypoint at the beginning if the first waypoint is the departure airport.


Love this app. Will be using it for all my flights!


Latest flight.
Everything looks on point John.


Ok y’all I just landed at KSFO with 42 knot winds and turbulence


It lead me close to the waypoint but I didn’t fly over it. I didn’t fly over any waypoint that was in the final approach cone until the procedure turn was complete.


Yep, but like I said, just 2.5nm is close enough to trigger a log of the waypoint.


Could that corridor be narrowed near an airport and when you’re closer to the ground…similar to the increased RNP requirements one finds in approach plates? I just compare that to how close one needs to get while flying past waypoint in a Victor or Jet airway…which seems to be larger.

I found a pretty good discussion on the subject here:


I went and made an example report, came back to the home screen and found that the plane had no gear while on the runway


Also a couple of things are off with the example report. It says that it will do a flight from KORD-KMIA but it actually does KBOS-KMIA. No runways are indicated, and there’s a repeated waypoint.


Here’s a nice test of waypoint detection, I did the famous RNAV approach to runway 19 of KDCA. Worked well, more or less…


I have made a test and I am surprised that works very well! just I had a bug, but it’s my fault, because as I only had a waypoint (destination, it was lukla), it doesn’t show speed, heading none altitude, but I insist, it’s my fault.
Just look at the image:


This night (for me it’s 1:02 am now) I’m going to do a long haul to test it well tested, no only a 6 minutes flight ;)


Extremely long taxi to gate. 😂

I was doing T&G’s. 😉


I have made the long haul flight! I have to report two bugs: when I was cruising at 35000 feet, if the airplane climbed a bit (typical, climbs 10 feet and descends 10 feet) the app said I was Climbing or Descending… look at these photos:

The other bug is that I made step-climbing, so I had 2 cruise altitudes, and in the report it only appeared the last one which was 37000 feet for the last 30 minutes of cruise… I would do that it appeared all the cruising altitudes during flight… Here’s the report: