In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


Did it ever start logging? It should “ping” once you activate seatbelt + no smoking with engines off…if not, something else was wrong.


Just released beta 17 with a few tweaks to the phrasing - no more mention of “Gate” (@Balloonchaser), and a couple other things. Also added the ability to pause the IF-A video with a tap.

We’re getting closer and closer to being release-worthy, would you agree?

I’d really like to make IF-O become the de-facto standard app for VA pilots to use for logging their flights. It will keep pilots to a higher standard of flying and it’s been a blast to develop.

…so…re: pricing, I’ve come to a decision that I think you’re going to like:

Version 1.0 of In-Flight Operations will be free!

I’m not going to have ads, either - I will keep that button on the bottom of the intro screen linking to the other In-Flight apps.

My hope by doing this is that the VAs out there might consider making IF-O being an app you use as an organization. The feedback I’ve gotten so far has been overwhelmingly positive - there have been a number of VAs asking if they could pay for their pilots to use the app. This way it’s way easier! 😜

Down the road I may find premium features that I’d charge for, but I do not plan on making the 1.0 functionality something I will ever charge for.

After the release is out, if there is enough interest (and all signs point to that being the case), I would then plan on making an Android version as well (which would also be free in v1.0).

Let me know if you have any questions!

Feedback request: In-Flight Operations - automatically generated flight reports (ACARS/PIREP) & more! (Public Beta is open!)

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Nice! Looking forward to v1.0


Not sure if it is just a coincidence with outside device issues, but I had the impression that IF-O is a bit bandwidth consuming.
I never had bandwidth issues during using IF, even with all performance switches to max. At the last three flights with IF-O in the background I noticed increasing issues with connection towards IF, starting with Live server, continues with global server and API, going to weather. It starts only at after more than 1h, but it resulted twice with freezing IF. And I regularly check that no other app is in the background before stating a longer flight session.
How ever I will start a 2h flight without IF-O to see what happen…
Did anybody else noticed similar issues on flights >1h?


Not me. If you are using an iOS device, I have a thought…feel free to reach out.


Don’t think anybody is going to argue with a free app of the quality that IF Ops is going to be but I would more than happily parted with my cash for this App


it is an iPad Pro 12.9 with iOS 12.1.1
What is your idea?


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Nice! Can we donate as well… this is worth every penny!


It never pinged when I turned on seatbelts and no smoking


Do you have the latest version from TestFlight?


Yeah I do.


I went into a flight and it said it successively connected but when I turned seatbelts and no smoking on nothing happened. I then did my flight, went to the gate and shut off engines, seatbelts, and no smoking, ended the flight and then went back to IF-O but it still showed directions of how to get it started with nothing about showing your report


Can you start IF and IF-O, start a flight and turn both signs on to see if logging starts?


Infinite Operations will be the mandatory app that we will use for our practical test that is needed for pilots to earn their certification!

The premium feature I would pay for is to have the ability to stamp on a VA’s logo onto its members flight logs or something to that affect.


I use this Memory and Disk app.
Fire it up before starting IF/IFA to clear ram. On longer flights, I run it a couple of times. ( actually I never close it after the initial run).
It has never caused an issue with the sim or IFA performance.
On occasions when I didn’t use it, I have experienced some lag and a sim freeze.
(iPhone 7, 2G ram, latest iOS, and memory about 65% of total.


It’s working now. Idk what happened before but it’s good now


Will try it, thanks.


I used it for the first time, it worked great!