In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


That is true - I forgot to set my fuel and adjusted afterwards which resulted in a negative amount.


👌 perfect! Is there any way you could add the ground speed for the waypoints as well as the IAS?


This would be great! I know at least I’ve asked to get the fuel per waypoint too (to match it up to Simbrief!)


I want to test this as well, but it wants me to install a beta app, I am worried it would use up a lot of ram and slow IF down, does anybody know?


I’m on an iPad Pro 10.5 it runs just fine-what device are you running?


iPad 6 2018


That’s similar to a iPhone 7, and since I have a iPhone 7 and it works great, it should too for you.


It’s perfect on my end!


I just did a flight and it never even connected. I have Infinite Flight connect on and said it was connected but then after landing I shut off engines and seatbelt/no smoking but never got a report. Am I doing something wrong or what?


I did two TBM flights and it looks pretty good. One was an intersection take off and the other included a back taxi and it recorded the takeoff runways correctly. The waypoint speeds though, can we get those in TAS or MACH?


You shouldn’t have any issues. Perhaps it’s the streaming scenery? WiFi speed?

At any rate, may I suggest you do the following prior to launching the IF app series:
-Close all apps
-Restart your device
-Launch IF-O, IF-A then IF

Leave only those apps open while flying.


What is the app because I cannot find it


No I think you misunderstood, my Ipad runes flawlessly on everything I just wanted to ask if I install the beta app to test this if it could cause problems since there is a warning at the beginning?


Doesn’t cause any problems


This ^^^
I believe the warning is just for beta testing purposes. It is an app in beta after all.


Didn’t think the landing VS was That smooth


This is an older version. Please go into testFlight and update the app!


Is it possible that “Taxi from Gate/to Gate” can be switched to different wording as the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club would use this app as a flight logging system possibly in the future and GA don’t usually use a gate. Irl don’t corportate pilots use a system like this?😉

Possibly use the terminology of “Ramp”?


Makes sense! Will try to rephrase


Just wanna say this app seems to be very good from the flights I’ve done. Seems to work with inflight assistant and infinite passengers well.