In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


There’s a topic which has all info about this app. It’s a very nice idea, and all apps of @epaga are awesome! So if you have iOS, I recommend you to test it!


Why instead of starting the logging when an engine is started why not start it when the beacon is turned on, then finish the logging when the beacon is turned off. Only aircraft that it won’t work for is the TBM930, but that could work off engine start or even brakes release for the first time.

Also I’m currently in the Herc with all engines running unable to get it to start logging on the latest build (13)


Need any help with testing?


Yep! It’s a public beta for all of us to help find bugs to squash! Just click the link in the OP to get started (if you’re on IOS of course)


Not yet. I think it was posted in the middle of my flight.


Another 100% accurate report 👍🏻


I thought this was like the simbrief stuff where it would give you all the information you needed such as flight time fuel needed stuff like that turns out I was wrong


Also this!


This will allow you to CROSSCHECK your simbrief info at the end of your flight. If you use simbrief, you’ve still got to run your simbrief planning first, then compare (as I did above) your numbers after the flight.

For example:

My simbrief plan called for the following weights:

My end of flight report matched my simbrief numbers to the T! The “airline” is happy that I haven’t used any extra fuel in this case lol.


So I flew from Charlotte to Orlando. I couldn’t get the application to start recording after setting the seatbelts and smoking sign the first time. I had to terminate the application and restart it and the plane to get it to record.


Just had a little play around with it and Is completely accurate!


-81fpm 🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏


I was going for a step approach angle then flattened out. Don’t know how I pulled it off.


Shame infinite flight crashed as about to taxi to gate but report still worked.


I was on final when some one called me dang it… hate that the app stops working when a call


Did some solo patterns. Note to self… Fly B77L more often
Took off 13R, cut around for 22L but I was heavy and rolled down almost to 13R
Was in solo mode as well.


No issues to report. I see this being an excellent resource. I’ll continue to use this for a lot of my GAF sorties.


Hmmm I was able to get it to start. Did you get the initial “connected” chime from IF-O? Did you try stopping and starting IF?

You should, but I should also add a sound so in case it’s not giving notifications you’ll at least hear a “bing”.

I did a flight last night and it gave me -90fpm even though it should have been more around -280, so I’m afraid I may still have a bug that is too flattering re: landing rate.

Yeah still thinking about a solution here. Recommend Do Not Disturb mode.

Well except that it says you taxied for 50 minutes. Had this once and I think this is a bug when your takeoff has a “bounce” before you take off - it takes the 0.5 seconds in the air as your entire flight. Going to fix this.


YeAh… I did ugh lol


Beta 13!