In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


Maybe engine start on those aircraft? They dont have pushback either so the only ways to start the flight is start the engine.


Thanks so much, Tyler - that means a lot! 😀

Not sure if violations are accessible via API - but controllers might work…more an idea for a later version once v1.0 is out, though, I think.


Almost done with my test hop KLAX-KVNY (i had to restart it because I forgot the new ‘starting the log’ rule). lol


Could you double-check? Just go into TestFlight to check which version you have.



Cruising altitude should now be accurate.


When can you add step climb

So have Inital Cruise Altitude (e.g. 33000ft) and Final Cruise Altitude (e.g. 39000ft


Everything correct - good job @epaga


looking all good


You can add comments at the end!

Did my first longer flight w build 11.
Brilliant idea on the seatbelt/no smoking signs. All I need to do now is hit begin preflight in IF-O, enter IF and then go thru my Checklists to start the log!

One error that I see:

My departure runway was incorrect-listed as 04L

I took off from RWY31L at Kilo at KJFK-I’ve attached my taxi route.

The rest of the report was good!


Long form:

Matches up with my simbrief numbers EXACTLY!

Waypoint altitudes also look better as well!


Can you do it by when the aircraft first moves? It sounds like you’re flagging the app to store the initial state by the light or engines coming on. Instead can the state the plane is in right after spawn always be stored as the initial, and to start recording on first movement?

I’m especially wondering how the app will work on un-edited airports where you’re always dropped on the runway with engines and lights on.


Supported, its nav lights that all aircraft have in common. The TBM has no beacon light switch, otherwise this would have been the other one.


Ok I will do a test flight again tonight


I did another flight after beta 12 and all was good


That’s the same as me, I’m sure he’ll fix it


Known issue ;)


ah ok, my bad.


OK, currently uploading beta 13, making the app work again for airplanes with no seatbelt sign. :)

The way it will work is for any airplane with the following in their name:

“Skyhawk”, “Caravan”, “Decathlon”, “Globemaster”, “Cirrus”, “TBM”, “A-10”, “F-16C”, “F-14”, “C-130”, “F-22”, “P-38”, “F/A-18”, “Spitfire”

I will not require the seatbelt sign but simply an engine start.

This is a good point - currently then for non-airliner aircraft it will automatically start the flight logging, which of course isn’t optimal if you want to first set the fuel. But on the other hand, you could set up the fuel first, and only THEN open IF-O in this edge case.

Note this version should hopefully also have the “final” fix for the “wrong runway” issue (which at least was getting more and more rare 😜).


@epaga I may have asked this in slack or on here-but is there a way to record the fuel used/remaining per each waypoint?


Shouldn’t I receive a notification that I’ve saved the flight report? If not, would love to see that


Sorry, but what is the point of this app? I don’t quite understand.