In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)


This is inline with my comment from last night about solo mode!


@BennyBoy John’s famous quote is always
“When it’s ready o-clock” lol. Seems like the testing is going fairly well so far save long flights etc.


So far I have done about 10 flights with the app and have not had any issues except from cruise altitude being wrong that one time. I will continue to use the app on flights less than 600 nm as if I do any longer I risk a phone call. That causes the app to stop working I think.


I can’t wait to give this app a try on my next flight.

@epaga, you are always making quality apps. What will you think of next? The possibilites are endless :P.


Beta 11 is out

I now activate the flight log when you turn on seatbelt and “no smoking” lights with engines off, and finish it when you either leave your flight or turn off seatbelt, “no smoking” lights and the engines. This should keep you from accidentally losing your flight report, also you don’t have to switch back and forth to get things going any more.

This also should fix a number of issues like fuel weirdness and airports missing.

I’ve also added an entry for “time in air”.

Yeah want to think through if I can figure a way around this problem. The phone call stops the silent audio stream the app is using, which stops the app. Until then: Do Not Disturb mode is your friend! 😜


Would be cool, probably won’t do it in v1.0 though.

pretty sure the new “in air” value should be correct now.

Agree, would be very nice. Talked with Cam about it and it’s not out of the question there will be a future API for it. If/when there is, I’d definitely want to add that as a feature.


The “final approach” is whenever you’re at 1000 feet AGL (so this may be relatively early if you’Re over a mountain). I may still change this to be 1000 feet over the runway, instead.

Again, something I could envision for a later version, for sure.

This should now be fixed in build 11. Let me know if not!

This should now be fixed in build 11…

Should be fixed in build 11, please test!

Phew! Sheesh, people, thanks for all your help. I was wondering whether doing a public beta was going to be a good experience or not, but until now, the IF community has passed with flying colors (as usual!)

You all rock, and that’s a scientific fact.


I’ll be testing build 11 with another long haul tonight 😊


The first log with beta 11.
Everything worked great!

Another very snooth landing as well! 😎


Nice landing


The airports (egll-egac) didn’t show up but the route did. The only other problem was with the runways it said I departed at 09R but I took off at 27L and said my arrival runway was 27L when i actually landed at 04 at EGAC
It was otherwise really good


First flight on 11 worked perfect! This app makes my flying experience so much better…


Wait, did you do this flight with beta 11? 🧐 Something is really wrong with your taxi time, too…


Can’t wait to test build 11! I’ll give you feedback as soon as I can.


I think so


This is amazing! Love all the detail. Perhaps a remarks section to show violation and who your controllers were throughout would be helpful too. Nice work!

awesome views for anyone looking for a new route! ☝🏻


That landing though 👏🏼


Testing it now:

Hopping from KLAX-KVNY


this sounds no good for the military aviation. The fighters have neither smoking or seatbelts switches…


And the GA aircraft for that matter.


By gosh, you’re right - sorry, guys! Any ideas how to automatically start/stop the flight report?


Navigation lights get turned off