In-Flight Operations: Public Beta (iOS)

Hey everyone! Surprise! Here is the public beta link for my upcoming app In-Flight Operations. 😜

In-Flight Operations is an app you’ll run in the background during your flight which will generate a flight report like this one I made for a flight from Miami to Key West:

You need to download the app TestFlight from the App Store and then you can tap that link and install the app.


  • This is a beta. Expect bugs! In fact, find bugs if you can!
  • Please use this thread to report bugs you find, don’t DM me, don’t email me.
  • Please check my list of known issues (below) before reporting bugs.
  • Please focus on bugs, not missing features - but if you think there is an important missing feature for v1.0, you can also let me know in this thread.
  • For general discussion about the app, please use the feedback thread.


  1. Turn on “Infinite Flight Connect enabled” in your IF settings
  2. Start IF-O.
  3. Go into IF, enter a flight, turn off your engines and activate your seatbelt and “no smoking” lights. You should get a message that the flight has started.
  4. Do your flight.
  5. At your destination, turn off engines, seatbelt and “no smoking” lights. You should get a message that the report was created.
  6. Enter IF-O
  7. “Generate report”.

Known Issues

  • The icon has a white line up top.
  • time and date in the app are black font on a dark background
  • the waypoint altitudes are where you are 2.5nm away from the waypoint
  • closing a flight report doesn’t go directly back to pre-flight
  • departure runway wrong if aborting a takeoff
  • landing V/S is too generous (too soft)
  • Disconnects if you receive a call or an alarm goes off I recommend Do Not Disturb mode!
  • The cruise altitude may not be correct (will tweak the algorithm here) Fixed in build #13
  • “I landed on 04R(or L cannot remember) but it says that the arrival runway is 33L I taxied on 33L to my gate as I did not want to go all the way around. Taking off from seattle there is no 15R the three runways are all 16.” fixed in build #11
  • Layout issues when rotating the intro screen on an iPhone fixed in build #11
  • Repeatedly used way points are dropped in the report. Fixed in build #9
  • The departure and arrival runway may be off if there are many runways at the airport (will tweak the algorithm here) (fixed in build #7)

Issues I’m trying to understand (Keep an eye out for this if you have this problem too and give me as many details as possible if it happens to you)

  • The airport (departure or arrival) sometimes does not show up in the plan (e.g. KDFW-KPHL was missing KDFW) fixed in build #11
  • The starting fuel is sometimes messed up fixed in build #11
  • “did a ferry flight KJFK-KLGA, never got the chance to generate a report at the gate. The “finish log” never became available.” "Just landed it didn’t generate a report after four hours of flying =" fixed in build #11
  • The landing V/S may be 0 at times (when is this?) fixed in build #11

Still going to add for v1.0

  • fuel remaining at each waypoint
  • Time in air (added in build #11)
  • Also export as plain text (added in build #6)
  • The date (added in build #6)
  • “Are you sure” dialog when tapping reset (added in build #6)

Thanks to @Jan, @FBWFTW, and @virtualBlue for early testing!!!


Oh I’m so jumping on this!


So excited for this app! Thanks for including us on the beta testing :)


Ganna go try it out in a few super excited!

Very nice and I’ll try it for sure!

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I wished I would have ios…

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Certainly going to give this a try once I land my current flight! Nice work mate! :)

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Worked flawlessly for me aside from known altitude reading issues.

First report!


Just landed! Would of been earlier but held due to wx


First issue: I didn’t depart 17R I left 35L, did an intersection Departure so notice that wrong not sure if that can be fixed

I did find an issue so far at the end of my flight is a copy of the report which I did but it would not allow me to post it anywhere so I had to go back into the app and screen shot it Is this supposed to be like this

Also- Any chance you can make an option to email this to some one?


Will it be free when it’s finished???

So this will only start off on IOS

Downloading in the morning, happy to see this!

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Will this come to android?

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Just departed CYEG for CYUL Real excited to see how well it does on this trip!

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Going to do a long haul to test it out. Hopefully it won’t disconnect though.

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I’ve downloaded it this morning in my iPhone and iPad and I can’t wait to try it out when I get home from work!


I have downloaded it

Waiting until I finish my flight to try it out