In-Flight Operations (iOS): Create detailed Flight Reports of your journeys - ACARS style! v1.0 is FREE


Awesome to hear that Kate! That was part of the whole idea-to be able to analyze flights/parameters and give our pilots guidance on their techniques to help them improve their flying! (In addition to making it easier for VA’s to validate flights)


@Jan I was looking at someone’s bug report here and wondering if you had a shortcut (I feel like there was one around) that would open IF-O, IF-A and IF in that order? I know there were shortcuts around I gotta go find that thread


I do have a couple of shortcuts.

This is the one I use the most.

It always works.

Here is a link to it.


Thanks. Any chance I can edit it to add IFOps?


That’s te second app that is started.


Duh brain fart sorry! Thanks very much! I always like to open IF-A right before IF so it can be ready for slideover


Added in the old Siri shortcut!


Uh, @epaga is making me work for it, needs IOS 12.1 because regular 12 isn’t good enough… 😂😜


Yeah now this app got me hooked on doing regional flights because I can analyze my approaches into smaller less used airports.


Beware Kate! From time to time, the ILS/GPS approaches in IF at those smaller airports may indeed need to be adjusted-so double check the ILS/RNAV Approach charts if you get a funny reading at the 1000’ mark.


Just downloaded the app. Looks really nice! Great work. Just a little question. Is it possible to see how many landings we do during a specific flight? For example I’m doing pattern work and I want to know exactly how many landings I got.


The app does not support pattern work (yet).

So for now it’s one landing only.


Ok thanks. Good to know. Do you think it could be a future feature?


It already is. 😉


Ooh 😮 nice! Can’t wait🙂


After trying it out a bit I have another question. (Didn’t find the answer sorry if it has been answered though)
Do you have to have Apple Music to listen to music? Or can you connect it in some way with Spotify or something else?


The app uses Apple Music to select tracks.
Without it, it doesn’t work.


So it seems you all…kind of like In-Flight Operations. 😳


Thanks so much, everyone - every single rating and review makes my day!


Hey @epaga,

I am loving this app, currently at 9.5/10. I would give it 10 if you could add ‘Initial Cruise Altitude’ and ‘Final Cruise Altitude’ if we step-climbed during the flight.


I have used it to increase to grade 5 status through 2 weeks of non stop regional flights around 4-5 per day. It is a truly amazing app. I love how I can change waypoints mid flight and the app just follows the waypoints I cross so it is as though I flew from start to finish without anything being altered. This happened when a runway I was landing at had a nice 8 knot headwind to a gusty 20 knot tailwind and I had to switch runways and change the 50 mile approach.