In-flight operations - help


I tried to use In-Flight Operations but it didn’t work. I clicked on pre- flight then I started my flight (turned seat belt, engines and proceeded with takeoff, cruise etc…). When I landed and switched off the engines I got back to the app but nothing happened…
Can you please help me?




Make sure you open the IFO app BEFORE the IF app. I think that would fix it but I’m not 100% sure

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Is “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” checked in IF’s settings?

Do you hear the chime after turning on the signs?

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Yes, I also use IF PAX and IN-Flight Assistant at the same time (maybe too many third party apps at the same time?)

That shouldn’t be a problem.


I don’t remember. I’ll try again, thanks for the advice.

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Which device are you using?

iPad Pro 11

Go to setting and enable in flight connect

Do you see this after starting IF-O and IF?

That’s already been checked.

Asked and answered. 😉

I’ll pay attention to this next time

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Oh didn’t see. Whoops😂😂

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And this after turning on the signs:

Have you used IF-O without issues earlier?

Guys none of you are seeing the solution. After you land, turn off engines, seatbelts and no smoking signs. If you only turn of one, it won’t save

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That’s not the issue.
I think you didn’t read the original question right. 😉

I’m on it via PM.

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