In-Flight Operations: create gorgeous flight reports of your flights. Available for iOS and Android!

This app changed the way I fly. Now I takeoff, ascend, approach and land in a different manner. It is an app that makes you more of a pro flying the skies.


Nothing comes up in the Music area for me

Did you say OK when it asked permission to your music library? Do you have Apple Music?

In other news, the list of Virtual Airlines officially recommending In-Flight Operations as a pilot tool for improving your flight skills and/or for reporting your flights is growing - so again, let me know if yours does as well and I will add your VA to the list!


It did come up the first time I tryed. The second time it just said stop.

Still waiting. Would be nice if Android was caught up on. I mean we pay/paid just as much as iOS users. We don’t even have VNAV yet. SMH.

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It sure would be.

That doesn’t mean anything though.
It is, and will always be, the developers decision if and when development will continue.

In this case the developer is mainly an iOS dev, so that is his priority. I’m sure you understand.

As you probably already know, 'cause it’s been asked and answered many times before, @epaga is already planning on doing exactly what you’re asking.

I can imagine that a more positive tone would help though. 😉

Maybe you should also read this post:

Wrong topic. 😉

See this one.

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Very poor flying with that report.

Hi John!

As a computer science undergrad learning so much (should say too much! hahaha) I gotta say this third-party app is impressive! It’s amazing how you can make use of IF’s API tremendously–I actually wanna be able to create an app that enhances IF pilots’ experience!

If I may give you some feedback then here they are:

  1. (bug) If I started my flight (engine/seatbelt still off) without first opening IFOperations, it will not work. The workaround is always starting IFO before IF.
  2. Extremely intuitive and easy-to-use! Can’t say much more than this!
  3. (new feature suggestion) Flight History?
  4. (new feature suggestion) Weather in both departure and arrival airports? You may as well just write everything in METAR format…

Thank you for being an amazing developer! You have done an amazing job here.

Edit: I have just left a 5-star review on the App Store!


I have heard great things from people in my VA hype is real for me waiting to get it.

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@epaga, downloaded it, tried it… loving it!
Recommending it to AFKLM Pilots ;)
Thank you !! 🙏💪


Can I run in-flight operations and in-flight assistant during the same flight?

I love this and I sometimes print them!

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I literally can’t wait for the android version


Awesome work! I love this application and am stoked!

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When you go to VAPO and you start on the runway, when you turn the lights off it turns the log on. Shouldn’t you have to turn them off then back on to start the log?

You can! I have tried it and it works 👏🏻

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Yes you can

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I never fly without those apps. 😉


This sounds like a great app! If you brung it to android id definitely get it!

I gotta say that this is an unbelievable tool for my virtual airline. This is probably the best IF add-on youve ever made, @epaga!