In-Flight Operations: create gorgeous flight reports of your flights. Available for iOS and Android!

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Ever finish a flight in Infinite Flight, only to wish you could have a more objective way to review how you did - how your landing was, your fuel usage, your approach speed? Perhaps even an easier way to log this flight report with your Virtual Airline?

In-Flight Operations is a beautifully simple way to create ACARS-style flight reports of your Infinite Flight journeys - like this one I made for a flight from Miami to Key West:

It’s for pilots who want to take their piloting skills to the next level by keeping an eye on how they are flying their routes. It’s for VA pilots who want to post their PIREP validations in style. It’s for you! 😁

In-Flight Operations is my third Infinite Flight add-on, after In-Flight Assistant and In-Flight Instruments, and I’ve made it free for v1.0. Free! Crazy, I know - thank me with a rating / review in the Store, would you? 😜

Huge thanks to Laura and the Infinite Flight team for the API that makes this app possible!


  1. Turn on “Infinite Flight Connect enabled” in your IF settings
  2. Start IF-O.
  3. Go into IF, enter a flight, turn off your engines and activate your seatbelt and “no smoking” signs (or on aircraft without those, simply start the engines). You should get a message that the flight has started.
  4. Do your flight.
  5. At your destination, turn off engines, seatbelt and “no smoking” signs. You should get a message that the report was created.
  6. Enter IF-O
  7. “Generate report”.

This generated report makes it far simpler to get an overview of how you flew, and is easy to export and post to a VA you might be a part of.

Plans for the Future

  • Android version Done!
  • Looking into VA system integration (for systems such as phpVMS, vaBase, VAM…) to be able to automatically post a PIREP from within the app.
  • More details in the flight report

Origin Story

@FBWFTW from virtualBlue approached me with the main idea and a concept document asking if I thought it was a good idea - I could immediately see the appeal and fun of having an app like this, so I began work on it last fall. Then we had a public beta with over 500 testers for a month. And now it’s finally released! 🎉

Virtual Airlines recommending In-Flight Operations

If your VA officially recommends In-Flight Operations, let me know and I’ll add you to this list!


5 Star Review coming very soon!!! 🎉🎉🎉

It’s a wonderful app. Using it for a VirtualBlue IRL codeshare KBOS - EGLL as we speak. Gives me bragging rights on VS landing 😏😏


Thank you this is a great App. Have been involved with the Beta Testing, along with the team from Qantas Virtual and think it’s great.


Impressive work. Not easy to stay calm for the android version…


waiting for the android version with desire


Great Job there! Love the app

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Outstanding job! I don’t fly without I-FA or I-FO, two apps every IF pilot needs.


That’s what I call a superb flight report. Congrats John, excelent development!


What should we do if we still have the beta? Delete or keep?

Quick question.

Or turn them on?

On aircraft with seatbelt and no smoking signs, have your engines be off and turn on your signs.

On aircraft with no such signs, you start by starting your engines.

Best to get the official version from the App Store - the beta is over, and I bet the beta app won’t even launch any more (though it’d be interesting to hear if it still does).

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I hoped in the A321, after following the start up step I didn’t get any notification…

Did you activate “IF connect enabled” in your IF settings?

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Whoops, forgot I was using my phone not my iPad. I didn’t have that on…

This app changed the way I fly. Now I takeoff, ascend, approach and land in a different manner. It is an app that makes you more of a pro flying the skies.


Nothing comes up in the Music area for me

Did you say OK when it asked permission to your music library? Do you have Apple Music?

In other news, the list of Virtual Airlines officially recommending In-Flight Operations as a pilot tool for improving your flight skills and/or for reporting your flights is growing - so again, let me know if yours does as well and I will add your VA to the list!


It did come up the first time I tryed. The second time it just said stop.

Still waiting. Would be nice if Android was caught up on. I mean we pay/paid just as much as iOS users. We don’t even have VNAV yet. SMH.

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