In-Flight Operations: Android Public Beta has started!

Is this app completely free?

Yes, it is.

Features that will be added in the future might not be.

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Why your final approach V/S is -815ft/m but the G/S deviation is 0.0 degree?

I created a new report, it’s much better then the last one
Last one :

New one :

Any updates from Android roll-out?

Yep - just when I was about to submit an update to the Play Store, it told me I need to update the Android SDK I’m using, which means I need to re-wire a bunch of core components (specifically the setting screens), so that’s taking longer than I hoped. Sorry for the bad news. I’m still on it, though.

EDIT: Sorry, wrong thread. I meant this ^ re: IF-A Android update, not IF-O. Wanted to get IF-A update out first (with shaky cam etc.). Then will get going on IF-O Android and will update here.


Hi. How does the Background music work?

From the App Store:

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Really nice feature. Thanks @epaga @Jan

Just gave this app its first official shot. Awesome tool… just one suggestion. Do you think it would be possible to record groundspeed instead of indicated airspeed? The GS could change +/-150 knots given the right wind conditions, and the IAS would remain the same regardless. That’s why I’m asking. Thank you, and keep up the awesome work! Looking forward to more from you, John.

Our purpose at virtualBlue for ias monitoring is to check cruising speeds. We strive for realism, and have sometimes have seen people not use proper speeds. Maybe we could have both groundspeed and ias monitored.

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@epaga how can you get the pilot and airline into a report?

You can edit the fields before saving the report.

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How would one do that?

When you save the report, you’ll see a screen with some fields that you can edit.


Ok great, thanks.

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Where it says “Rotate For More Options”, what should I do? Nothing pops up.

I don’t know what it looks like on an iPhone, but this is what it looks like on an iPad:

Tap “Generate Flight Report”

Edit the fields before tapping “Create Report”

Choose how to save the report

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Hm, that’s weird. It doesn’t show up like that for iphones

Tap “Create Example Report” to go through the settings.
Rotate the screen to see the options.

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