In-flight Operation question

To Anyone who has the answer,
How do I get music onto In-Flight operations app. I see it in settings but don’t know how to add any music to the app to play while running it.

Any answers would help

Do you have iOS or Android?
From what I can tell, the files can only be found in the device’s standard music app. For Android, this would probably be something like Google Music or your device manufacturer’s music player app. For iOS, it would probably be something like Apple Music.
I could also imagine it works with local files, but regardless, the one thing that is probably compulsory is for the app to access the file manager/music apps. So maybe check if it has this permission and then the songs might show up.

Also: In case you’re on iOS

Apple Music is needed to play music.

Although all help is appreciated, to prevent misinformation, please make sure the information you post is actually correct.

Background Music is a feature that is only available in the iOS version of IF-O and needs Apple Music to work.

I have an iPad and thank you all for the information you gave me I will find the Apple Music app and see how to get it from there

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