In flight operation not working anymore?

Hi all,
I am flying again after some month off for being too busy elsewhere. All joy, but I cannot get IF OP to work at all…is it broken? I enjoyed the report and its touch down FPM…

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In what way is it broken? I’m assuming the app itself still works since you can see your flight report?

Since 22.8 I think the Infinite Flight API has gone through some changes and IF-O’s developer made some comment on the matter.

It’s not the same app, but the dev is the same so the reason might be the same.

No it does not connect to I IF at all and gives no report. I used to appreciate the fpm reading when it worked!

Thanks. I read that but IF assistant still works, so I wondered why IF OP would not connect at all…

I see people still mentioning their landing VS. Anybody knows where they get it from, if IF OP is not working?
Thanks for your help there!

You are right about IF Operations. It has stopped working for me as well since 22.8

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Or perhaps is it broken only for Android?

Possibly, because I use iOS and IF operations works perfectly for me

Works for me, IF Passangers on the other hand doesnt

This could be right (I’m using Android 13.0)

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IFOperation still not working after update 23.3 unfortunatly :/
Miss the days were you would get a nice report out of the app with a VS landing rate.

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Are they working on developing a way to make it compatible with 23.2?

Same here, it stopped working after 22.8 for me. It’s just not connecting… IF Assistant works fine btw.

Same… hoping it gets resolved soon!

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