In-flight Operation fail to record waypoints successfully

Hi community!
The In-flight Operation app fails to record any waypoint and I believe this is not a recent issue. Do we have any solutions?

I’ve had this problem for months but I don’t think this is the right place to make a post as IFOperations is not made by IF.

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Alright thanks! Do you have any solution or you’re just going with it?

But he made the post in #thirdparty, so it’s the right place?

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Oh my bad, and that correct, he is in the right place.


Ya my bad I just realised you put this post under third party. Im not sure about a solution but I’m sure someone knows what to do.

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Can confirm this bug. Maybe @epaga knows more about this?
Edit: He hasn’t been on the IFC since February so I don’t think we can expect a bugfix any time soon.


Yeah alright. I shall write to him then ☺️Thanks

Hey guys - I’m aware of this issue and would like to make sure to fix it when I can - it used to work fine, and I assume through an update of IF-A the API format of the waypoints (especially STARs etc) has changed.

Also: So sorry for the very long radio silence, life has just kept my plate pretty full for various reasons these past months, so I’ve just not found time to be very present on here. Best way to reach me is definitely email (it’s found in the app) or the IF-A Discord (link found on the IF-A website


Thank you very much! You made a difference on my flight experiences!


Really appreciate that, thanks! Reminds me of how great this community is - positive and upbuilding.


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