In-Flight Intercept of United-147

Today I had some nice little unplanned practice with @Ian_Mckillop (he didn’t know:)). I performed an emergency interception followed by flight following on F-14; took off from an airport in Guatemala, then flew towards Boeing 767, matched it’s heading, speed and altitude, approached from the left side. Then I tried to notify pilot of interception by rocking my wings, however, I haven’t received any response from the pilot so I had to continue the interception whilst I was checking aircraft’s intentions on LiveFlight. When I was sure that the flight plan was filled correctly, I decided that I no longer had to continue the interception and notified pilot by making a sharp left turn.

P.S. In the real world, after not receiving any response from the PIC, fighter would make a sharp increase in altitude and dispense flares. When intercepted, pilot has to turn to an emergency frequency (125.1) and contact the fighter jet pilot. Or, if radio communication is impossible, rock the wings and turn on and off navigation lights couple of times. Then fighter would escort the jet by making a neat turn to either direction and guiding the jet to an airfield.

If anyone is interested and wants to read more, here’s a link to the FAA manual on how to respond to an interception.

P.S.S Most likely Ian was not really checking on his progress as it was a long haul :)

Make sure you know what to do if you see me in the sky ;)

Wish everyone a great day/night/whatever.



Lol currently not by my device. Nice pics tho

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I can assure you that your plane is flying nice and steady :)

Perfect! Thank you for the check up😂

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