In-Flight Instruments Network Issues Thread

Hey everyone, a few of you have been experiencing network issues when trying to connect to IF with IF-I. So sorry about that, I know that must be so frustrating to have bought IF-I only to have it not work. I’d ask you for your patience, I’m trying to figure out what the issue may be. Additionally I already have an idea for the single-device scenario on iPad.

Could everyone with network issues please fill out the following form? That will help greatly in pinpointing what is going on. Thanks so much!

(tagging people I know had issues):
@Marc @Edward_Fish @Nathan @Aviationluver @MarkJudge01 @Bigballin2u @Dhops @schyllberg @Maxmustang


Sure, will fill out the form ASAP :)

I submitted it. Don’t send me an application for beta testing even though I said yes (I’m already part of it)


I filled it out and I hope this issue can be fixed soon. Thanks for putting so much effort into trying to fix it :)

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Just submitted it as well. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

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Filled it in and submitted it

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Thanks for your answers, everyone! I have a hunch that I’d like to confirm. Could you please connect to IF with LiveFlight Connect and tell me the IP address it is showing (i.e. the real address that IF-I should be trying to connect to)?

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It’s done! Good luck!

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I just wanted to let you know that I have no problem using your App on my iPhone while i play IF on my iPad. It just doesn’t work when I use both apps on the same device.

The only thing that is a bit strange is, that there are two IP adresses showing up on my iPhone

That is by design. You have one for cellular network and one for WiFi.

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When I connect two iPads (wifi only, so no cellular) I also see two IP addresses.

Two IP’s in one device?

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@epaga - what’s up with the Makes no sense, at least not to me.

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This is from my iPad to my Galaxy S8+.

The is not my phone’s cellular IP.

It can be, and looks like it. You can actually have two IP’s on cellular if your service provider is using NAT which they most likely do :)

I only get one IP when I check it. It’s

I have the same IP adress showing up ( when I connect with my iPhone. The other IP showing is definitely my home IP.

And as I said, it only doesn’t work on the same device. @epaga

Yes, that’s correct. You have one IP towards the internet, and one IP handed out from your ISP. Depending on how the IP lookup works… you can see different depending on how it works.

In the status settings of my phone it says IP: Also not the same IP, but at least it’s in the range.

I thought it was strange that “weird” IP’s showed up, but at least the one from the DHCP server in my own router always works.