In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


There’s no PC version, unfortunately.


I think this is the wrong tooic… but good to know!


This looks really great @epaga! I’m really tempted to purchase this, but one of the main draws is VOR functionality. Does anyone happen to know of a video which demonstrates this functionality in IFI?


Here you go!


This was actually the #1 reason I did this app - I wanted this myself! I love old-school VOR navigation, one of my earliest flight sim memories was on the SubLogic flight sim on my Atari ST as a kid, pinpointing my location using two VOR stations. Magic! :)

Thanks for posting the video, Jan!


@epaga I am planning on buying your PFD unit today, and the landing gear stuff on Saturday.

@Benjwri, this app is amazing and you should really consider purchasing it.


Yeah, proper VOR navigation is one of the biggest things IF is missing in my opinion. Would have bought IFI sooner if I realised it had this.

Thanks for the video @Jan