In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


There’s no PC version, unfortunately.


I think this is the wrong tooic… but good to know!


This looks really great @epaga! I’m really tempted to purchase this, but one of the main draws is VOR functionality. Does anyone happen to know of a video which demonstrates this functionality in IFI?


Here you go!


This was actually the #1 reason I did this app - I wanted this myself! I love old-school VOR navigation, one of my earliest flight sim memories was on the SubLogic flight sim on my Atari ST as a kid, pinpointing my location using two VOR stations. Magic! :)

Thanks for posting the video, Jan!


@epaga I am planning on buying your PFD unit today, and the landing gear stuff on Saturday.

@Benjwri, this app is amazing and you should really consider purchasing it.


Yeah, proper VOR navigation is one of the biggest things IF is missing in my opinion. Would have bought IFI sooner if I realised it had this.

Thanks for the video @Jan


This is brilliant, have been using it for all my flights for a week now. The only suggestion I would have is an autopilot system similar to that found in commercial airlines, however I realise this app isn’t your top priority right now.
I do need a little bit of support with using it over a network though, so you want me to DM you?


Hi @Jan and @epaga, as far as I can tell, there’s no DME system attached to the VOR instruments, correct? As in, I can’t see distance to/from a VOR/NDB.

If so, can you please pleaaeeeee pleassseeeeeeeee add this. I’ll say it again: pleassseeeeeeeee!




You know when you’re close to a VOR when the needle starts moving rapidly.

It would be a nice addition though, right @epaga?

Epaga is working on IF-O at the moment (iOS now and Android later) and IF-A (Android) is in need of work as well.
The fact that IF-I unfortunately didn’t really take off, makes chances really slim that epaga will be planning to do more work on it in the future.
But, you never know.


That is SUCH a shame! I really don’t get it. Such a great app with lots of potential. Well, I probably wouldn’t give a limb for it, but would still pay nonetheless.

Maybe it’s worth @epaga doing the rounds, and asking people for feedback to understand why it didn’t take off. I feel there’s so much potential here, maybe it’s worth communicating and interacting with IF users to address this…

Arrrrggggg!!! I just wish I could do proper instrument flights!

Thanks anyway


I totally agree.
I love the app!

It’s an app for the real aviation geeks it seems.

Many might not have an extra device to run it on.

Maybe the ones that call IF a “game” aren’t interested in this level of realism.

It’s a real shame though.


Hey man! Sorry to hear this - could you specify a bit more what doesn’t work? What happens when you start? Are you able to connect to a running instance of IF? Do any of the instruments work, etc.? Thanks!


none of the instruments work, I have IF asistant and it works perfect


Hey man! Sorry to hear this - could you specify a bit more what doesn’t work? What happens when you start? Are you able to connect to a running instance of IF? Thanks!


I need another device to use IFInstruments ??


Check the top post in this thread for instructions: I would definitely recommend a separate device, but if you have an iPad you can use it in slideover mode.

Let me know if you have further questions!


oh the problem is that I do not have ipad, so I can not use the application


That’s correct, you need either a second device or an iPad to be able to use In-Flight Instruments, like it says in the main post and on the App Store:


is this app available on Android?