In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


I’ll be waiting for an Android version :-)


@epaga I bought the lever purchase, but the throttle and flaps don’t work. Any ideas why?


Like they don’t show what the aircrafts flap level is (or where the throttle is at?)


@Aussie_Wombat Sometimes it shows where the throttle is at, but when I move it, it doesn’t sync with my iPad. The flaps won’t let me move it.


Are you trying to move the flap instrument? Because that only shows where the flaps are at.

It also could be due to a slow/no connection… other than that @epaga is your man (and @jan)


I’m trying to move the throttle, and it won’t work. Forget the flaps thing, that was a mistake.


When stopping and restarting IF-I doesn’t solve the issue, one of two things should fix it.

1: Uncheck “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” in the settings of Infinite Flight, quit Infinite Flight, restart Infinite Flight and check the option again.

2: Restart your device by holding the power and home buttons until the Apple logo appears after the device has turned off.

Both of these options have solved the issue of a “stuck throttle” in the past so give them a try.

As a last resort you could delete and reinstall IF-I, but I think the other options should do the trick.


That’s an excellent idea! The AP def could use some smoothing out for sure but if it can go into the app so much the better!


Is the throttle working for you now after Jan’s tips, @TinyYoda?


Yeah, I went on to do the tips and it started working before I tried anything.


@epaga Idea maybe:


It’s useless since you don’t watch 2 devices while landing


Well, maybe YOU don’t watch more than one device during landing.
OTHERS do and to them it’s not useless.

How many instruments (screens) does a real pilot watch or monitor during landing? 😉


I know I watch the two screens while landing. Also @Jan makes an excellent point. Pilots have many screens


I would definitely use this - and I would love to be able to not use the HUD on IF


Perhaps you might add a feature to adjust the opacity of the clusters and that will increase the full screen visibility. Likewise, you could add scaling or 3 size options.


Great work by @epaga and others who may have contributed in building out software ad-ons to IF. And great work by every one at IF.

I currently run IF on iPhone hooked to a 24-inch screen via HDMI and use a Thrustmaster joystick with throttle for realism.

Additionally, I’m looking to use any other physical hardware (besides joystick, throttle, paddles) that’s compatible with IF. Does anyone know of any other third party physical instrument panel that works with IF. Like an actual instrument panel for autopilot functions with physical push and rotary buttons to continue IF flights in auto pilot mode (similar to center topmost console on A320, B737).

I know Saitek manufactures some of this stuff but I haven’t seen any instrument panel.

Any ideas/help appreciated.



In-Flight Instruments and In-Flight Assistant make a great team!
Using the instruments while being guided by IF’s LNAV and IF-A’s VNAV is so much fun.


Just a question regarding a feature suggesting @epaga

Is it technically possible to add a speedbreak instrument with that the user could fully control control the speedbreaks inflight? Right now we only have Flight and Armed. But it would be useful to have like full control over them.


Is this available on Android.