In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight

You trademarked this? 😂😁 Is that your slogan?

Just a thought here (I am happy to pay whatever price you put on it). The thought is;
Make the app free, it comes with the GA six pack, just your very basic stuff. And then there are add ons for $7.99 (or whatever it is in America), like the airliner pack, the engine readings (fuel on board, N1 etc), maybe another one: a basic FMC (Suggested before).

Just a thought 😃

His new vid is up:



Sheesh you’re fast man. 😃


I’m subscribed… 😏😁

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I think it’s a great idea especially for GA. But I’d prefer to have it as an in-game option that you can use with the HUD-2 view (see attached pic for example


The instruments would be along the top of the screen.

A lot of us might not have a second device so the in game option might be more feasible.

I’m not sure you can overlay things like that.

Not planning on doing this, sorry - someone else could do this as an app maybe?

Yeah the problem with this is iOS would only offer the side bar which would be pretty obtrusive for most instruments. Still, may work for instruments you need to pop open, make changes, and then slide out of sight again, like an MCP.

This is meant to run on a separate device, plus I want to keep IF-A primarily focused on callouts and sounds at this point at least.

Just a slightly self-deprecating sarcastic joke. 😃

Just wait till you get a real PFD - it’ll be awesome for jets, too. 😃

Sadly that doesn’t work on iOS 11.


It would be cool to have in the settings menu the option to position instruments where you want them on the screen prior to starting your flight.

That might take redesigning the UI some

Already works. The instruments are draggable. See the first video.

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Gotcha thanks. I know that X-plane 9 has an instrument view. But it was like an IFR panel (instruments only, not outside view).

Would it be possible for FDS to create an additional cockpit camera view that features your just instruments but the ability to pan the camera (similar to the cockpit view which features HUD only + camera panning)?

This is another app or is this a add on to IF Assistant. How much will it cost?

Great work xD

If they did that they might as well implement the instruments themselves

True I guess but it’s easier said than done.

To me adding the steam gauge and/or glass instruments, PFDs etc as part of an additional cockpit view in which you can pan the camera to look around makes a lot of sense.

Mb this could be a joint endeavor between the dev & FDS. Idk

Sounds like an interesting concept. If Infinite Flight comes to PC, I could potentially plug in a joystick and have an iPad as the instrument panel. I can definitely find uses for this.


@epaga when do you think this app will be available I have money waiting.

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It may never become an app. I’d say there is an 80% chance that it will. This is just a concept. So no release date

I’d put that more at 99.5%. 😅

When it’s done.

A new app that is primarily intended to run on a separate device (though it’ll probably work as a side bar, not sure).

Excellent question. How much would you pay for it? Let’s say you had a Venti Starbucks Capuccino in your hand ($5), and someone said they’d trade you the app for it, straight up - would you do it?


Yes, I don’t like that stuff.

Anyways, I’m thinking this for a pricing system:

Free app: basic GA instruments (the 6 of them)
then all the IAPs for 4.49USD (I think), IAP could be Commercial Aviation instruments, an FMC, an engine data stuff.

Or if you are thinking of pricing the app, I’m thinking $4.49AUD. Which I think is about $3.57 USD


Also, I’m assuming you’ll need iOS 10 to run it, right? 😕

Great idea, can’t wait for this feature to come out. It’s so exciting how advanced the IF experience will be.