In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


OK - here is the thread for development plans (making a new thread since it involves both Instruments and Assistant) - Epaga's In-Flight Apps Planning Thread


When will the android version of this come out?


As far as I know he has no plans to move it to android


How do you change the arrangement of y
The instruments because I currently have it like this and I don’t want it to be like that?


IF doesn’t become smaller in the split view mode. The only option is to have the second app overlay IF, like you already have.


I believe you hold them down to move them


Tap the gear icon to rearrange them


If you only have two and they are both small, they’re going to be next to each other like that You have a few options:

  • Make them both big (long press, then hit the arrow icon on both of them), then they’ll be one above the other
  • Add a few more (gear icon, tap a few more) and then rearrange.
  • If you were on a separate device, you could add a few more then use iOS’s zoom function to make them bigger and under each other

Hope one of these helps.


Just did a flight then with IFI open on my my phone and other iPod, whilst I’m flying on my iPad with IFA. When I say “gear up” it seems just like the ‘copilot’ moved the gear lever upwards on IFI.

Great work John


Does this require live to run? I’m doing it on solo and it won’t connect.


Are you using the app on the same device? Or on a different one?


@Aussie_Wombat I’m trying to connect my phone to my iPad. I also can’t figure out how to use the app for iPad and have the swipe screen.


Ok, with the phone to your iPad, you need an internet connection, make sure “Infinite flight connect” is on in infinite flight settings, and on your phone open InFlight Instruments. You should then see at the bottom of the screen “connect to Infinite Flight”, tap that, then some number come up, (if there is more than one just tap them both once to see which works).

As for sliding over on your iPad, (don’t need internet connection) if you are in iOS 11, swipe up from the bottom of your screen like this: (so it shows the dock):

Hold on to the InFlight Instruments logo and bring it up on the screen :

Then tap “Connect to Infinite Flight”.


Instruments on the pc screen:

They’re great on the bigger screen


(Edit) I was able to figure out the iPad way, but I’d rather have it on my phone. @Aussie_Wombat . I also do have an internet connection, and the instruments still won’t work phone - iPad. I have those settings on. Is it possible a VPN could be blocking the connection?


Absolutely, it blocks it from me all the time when I use VPN, it changes your ip so it doesn’t show up


Do you know of any way of fixing this new besides turning off the VPN?


No, VPN is the thing that blocks it, so no. Unfortunately:)


Hi guys! Yep, Aussie is right re: the VPN, @TinyYoda. If the IP address doesn’t stay the same (and/or isn’t scannable) it won’t work.

Love the big screen there, @Aussie_Wombat. 😁


Can I have the instruments on a Mac and connect them to infinite flight running on android?