In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


More than that, we need people writing reviews!


Ok thank you! I wasn’t looking there


Buying this right now as I type this!


Just finished downloading every in app purchase possible and did a short test flight and I came to the final conclusion that,

I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to see what else you plan to add!


do you have any plans for one on android?

In-Flight Instruments Compatibility

He doesn’t have plans as of right now. So it’s definitely not confirmed. But who knows it may come in the future. It’s mostly in @epaga’s hands.


Does the API support having 2 different add-ons? For example, using In-flight Asisstant and In-flight Instruments at the same time?


Yes sir. I use three apps at the same time.


Yep, they actually work quite seamlessly with each other


I made a preorder when it was out and it hasn’t showed up in my App Store as ready to be downloaded yet. Location is US and I’ve updated the OS to 11.2.1, does anything need to be fixed?


That happened to me as well. Try signing out of app Store and signing back in’
If that doesn’t work go to your “purchases”’


I tried signing in again and this remains same although I can still make other purchases from the Store. The app doesn’t show up in the purchased section. The screenshot above was taken from purchase tab > IFAssistant > other games > Instruments. I also tried changing locations of App Store with different billing addresses, but still hasn’t solved it. I guess I have to contact Apple for a refund if this trouble is from their end. By the way, how much does it cost now for a new download in App Store?


Definitely seems to be an Apple issue. Have you tried rebooting your device?

The core app currently costs $3.


You mean a reset, sir? No, I haven’t tried that? A restart, that I did.


Nope, I meant a reboot / restart. That is extremely weird and yes, it would be an iOS bug of some kind. I’d contact Apple.


That’s a great help, thank you very much, Mr John.


Been using this App for my flights and I have to say, this is an amazing addition to the IF Universe.

Flying with no HUD makes things more challenging but a lot more rewarding for sure!

However I do have a feature request to make. While using the PFD, it would be nice if the Heading Bug would move regardless of AP being selected or not. For example, if I changed the heading to 120 then the orange bug should move to 120 regardless of whether AP is on or not.

This would help as a visual reference while hand flying using the PFD.

It works like this with the Speed Bug currently, but it would be nice if this is added to the Heading and Altitude Bugs as well.

I would highly recommend people to check out this app and give it a go :)


Hey everyone, I’m currently in the process of thinking through 2018 and “where to go from here” with In-Flight Assistant and In-Flight Instruments. I’d really appreciate it if many of you would take the time to answer this quick survey about a list of things you’d love to see me add to either In-Flight Assistant or In-Flight Instruments.

This can include bug fixes, feature requests, or really any other crazy ideas you might have. Even if you’ve already told me your idea in the past, please go ahead and write it again in the survey, that way I’ll have it all in one place. If you think of an idea later, feel free to do the survey again or edit your response (both should be possible).

I’ll be leaving this survey open for 1 week. After this, I will collect all your requests, and am then going to try an experiment with what I’d call “Community-Driven Development”. I’m going to make a shortlist from all your requests, and you all will get to vote on what I will develop next. 🙈 Should be fun!

You all rock, and I am really thankful for this community and looking forward to hearing your crazy thoughts and ideas.


When can the app getting release on Android🤗


The app may not even come to android, he has no plans for it (well, he might have plans) …but keep your hopes up) :)