In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


Lucky? Eh, maybe…

Good Network? Definitely.

The problem is obviously the network for some people. I’m sure John is either sleeping or working hard at locating what the source of the problem is.


Weird! Which aircraft? Is this the PFD? Does it happen consistently for you?


MD-11F, Basic six. I’ll try to replicate it once I get home.


I was thinking of other screens I’d buy in IF Instruments… maybe fuel gauges, fuel flow or a map with traffic and fpl?


@epaga has a long list of requested features, I think the map is on there, I know @Jan can definitely tell you


Yep, going to make this list public once we get the network bug under control.

Speaking of which, I have created a separate thread for the network issues. Could everyone with issues go over there - then we can have a focused discussion about the issues over there -> In-Flight Instruments Network Issues Thread Thanks!

(Short version: if you have issues, please fill out the following form:

In-Flight Instruments Network Issues Thread

Can I be a beta tester even if I don’t have a problem with the app, John? The last question startled me a bit there 😅


This would be a limited beta test purely to fix network issues. This is not to be a perpetual beta tester. 🙂


Makes sense. Thanks for responding before anxiety killed me 😂


In the top of my wish list … :)


As a regular you should know that this question gets you right to the bottom of the list 😉


Good one! But can’t really use on bigger aircrafts. You have to make an Airbus one!


You can, if you purchase the PFD. It is “loosely” modelled around the Boeing one, but you get the same information from it.


I bought these last night and I think they are really good. I never dreamed I would be able to have a multi screen display for an iPad simulator. Huge potential for future expansion with this sim and the supporting apps that are appearing. Using iPads it would be pretty easy to set up a little cockpit system. Thanks for producing them.




Thanks everyone for your ratings, this makes my day!

I am pretty sure I am getting close to a fix for the network issues, so that should improve this even further! If you haven’t yet, a positive review and rating is a big encouragement. ☺️

Update Beta test with the network fix is running, hoping this works well for everyone.

Update the beta test went well! I have submitted a bug fix update!


When you say enable “infinite flight connect” can you post a screenshot of that because I looked all over and I can’t find it


Here you go!


I’m sure there have been more than 7 downloads, but that’s how many reviews there are in the app store. How about 5 star round of applause/rating for this fine add-on?
I appreciate you @epaga !