In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


Agreed! It is very risky, but I would like to know if it works for others.


Yep, i know, ive done it before, also just did it then. But, it needed to be done


OK, @Jan, i reset, unfortunately it does not connect. It was worth the shot


Ooh, that’s weird. Thanks for trying, and I’m sorry for your loss (of all your networks and bluetooth connections you have made).


Unfortunately resetting network settings in iOS are pretty useless, as it doesn’t actually reset anything anymore.

@epaga - is IF-I adapted to the new UDP broadcast protocols in the API?


Haha lol ;)

I think it was worth the test


Yep it is. What is especially strange about people’s Issues is that for most, it seems to be showing the IP address it needs to connect to, which means it is getting the UDP packets! But then it is not able to connect to the IF server app on port 10111.

I will be testing and submitting a fix for the single-device scenario as soon as I can (Apple’s dev center doesn’t accept submissions until December 27). It will then work exactly like IF-A does when there is a localhost to connect to. This whole thing is showing me how good of a decision it was to make IF-A localhost-only. 😬


If i’m able to (read; if the family allows me to) i can try to set up a Wireshark session tonight to see what the heck is going on…

Might be a good idea to check with Cam too, as he had similar issues with LiveFlight Connect at first to. And both works in similar ways when it comes to the Connect API.


Well so far everything is excellent. I have successfully used this with Liveflight connect and with IF assistant (got almost everything off it for Christmas) I have some suggestions that could make it even cooler. (Something for the future when you’ve done over planned stuff.)

  • Reverse thrust on the throttle
  • Markings along the throttle for better reference
  • A flap lever (add it to the flaps and levers section.)
  • Whatever you call this
    (I’ll happily pay $10+ for this)
  • And maybe if you have a seperate device, if it has IF Instruments, you can use it as a yoke, and have some primary flight stuff like throttle and gear. Meanwhile the main device is running IF


We already have a more basic version of that in Infinite Flight :)


That won’t change with what you’re suggesting. Maybe use your eyes? ;) And the terrain part isn’t really a part of the PFD. It’s just a nice addition we had in IF, and will be getting back later.


Don’t ya think it is a little too basic, see I wasn’t warned about this cliff till I got there :>

I rest my case here


That’s just a glitch. If it was working properly (like most of the time…) you would have seen all the mountains in the region.
There isn’t actually a cliff there. Did you ever see a straight mountain like that?




Awesome - good ideas. Didn’t want to bug Cam yet since I know the IF staff are taking holidays. 🤓 what is weird is I definitely learned about how the network stuff is supposed to run from the open source code for LiveFlight Connect. So why IF-I would not run but LiveFlight Connect does (as is the case for at least a couple people) is quite the mystery to me.


@epaga… Belated Holiday Greetings to you and family John. Sorry to note I’m joining the deserters, No Joy connecting on my up to date IPad Air. Hope it’s not me, followed App guidence to include reboot. Here’s the result:(Nada)

Awaiting patiently for a solution. Regards

@Jan, You know what they say about excuses, Yada, Yada LOL
Happy Holiday old friend… Regards


He is going to consult Cam and get some help with the APIs. I think he’s targeted the issue of the device running IF is constantly changing IPs for some reason…


This appears to be my problem, but I am but a novice when it comes to these things! Can’t wait to test it out though!

All good things come with time.


Cool app, having an issue. It connects fine, but the instruments seem to be out of wack. While trying to fly without a HUD, my instruments on your app were saying I had a 15 degree positive pitch while in the game, I had a 30 degree positive pitch. In order to have an actual 15 degree positive pitch in the game, I had to drop it down to 10 degrees based on your app readings.


The Navigation Display. Or ND.


So far no problems for me. Maybe I’m just lucky 🤷‍♂️