In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


You can connect the instruments via another device.


Awesome experience @epaga (even though my first non-HUD landing attempt with IF-I became a crash landing due to a stall on very short final lol)
Something I really miss at this point is some kind of a navigation display so you know where you’ll have to go when the HUD with the mini map is switched off in IF, a „fix“ for the time-out issue would be awesome, especially since switching the display back on isn’t enough but requires a restart of IF-I to get the instruments back working for me , the work around is a temporary solution but I feel a bit uncomfortable when thinking of using it permanently…

On the connection issue thing: I started with having one initially, both of the IP addresses shown wouldn’t connect, good old „switch it off and on again“ fixed it for me, now the app connects instantly everytime.


It’s been said before probably but I double tap the home button on both devices, closing both Infinite Flight and IF-Instruments. Then I start IF on one device, and spawn in my plane, BEFORE I start IF-Instruments on the second device. After my aircraft is spawned in THEN I start IF-Instruments on the other device. This always works for me and I don’t have to go through this “connect to Infinite Flight” stuff, it just does it automatically.


That mini map sounds interesting, but im not sure if he can get an API Service from IF to IFI that displays the position of the aircraft over the earth


(I just had to draw that picture as i was Testing out drawing with my new Apple Pencil)

I hope everyone is having a great holiday with this app
I have been flying with this app and epaga has done an awesome job. If you are thinking of getting it, its a must


Really amazing job @epaga. This is the Christmas gift that I waited all of yesterday for. My pilot six pack has arrived!!


@Jan can we see the feature request


Just a question @ , do you intend to add the ability to make the Prinary Flight Display larger similar to how you can make the other instruments larger / smaller?


Do you mean like this: ^^^



Yah, how did you manage to make it so large?


Hold down on the PFD until it wiggles then tap the orange arrows that show up


Wow, handy trick, thanks!


Just downloaded and got the PFD in app purchase. Having trouble connecting. The app recognizes that there is a hotspot, but is unable to connect.


Hey, we have noted others that have had this issue, it seems to be related to the network in use, could you try connecting your iPad to a phones personal hotspot? Then run the app in slideover? Thanks.


Can someone try this out? This worked for me after getting the bug:

  1. Reset network settings on both devices
  2. Restart both devices after the device turns on
  3. Reconnect to the same wifi/hotspot
  4. Launch IFI and IF and then connect it

Epaga, if you want another tester, let me know. No offense meant for you Jan


There’s also iOS’s zoom option! 😉

Just connect multiple devices and use iOS’s zoom gesture (double tap with three fingers) to zoom in to the insrument or instruments you want.


Good morning!

I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out what’s happening with the network connection.

From personal experience I know that simply disabling and enabling wifi on the iPad solves issues that were really strange. Like being able to connect to one, but not another wifi network on the same wireless router. Or wifi is working, but not when I activate VPN. Again, wifi off and on will solve that.

I also know that unchecking and re-checking Infinite Flight Connect in the IF settings solves only the throttle in IF-I not working. The other instruments were all working.

I also had to restart the iPad (holding down On/Off and Home until the Apple logo appears) to just get the throttle in IF-I working again.

These things don’t make a whole lot of sense.
Apparently “things” can also only partly “break”.

@Arjun_Dayal had luck getting IF and IF-I to work by resetting the network settings.
More information about that can be found here.

I would like to stress that on that site the following is stated: “As we mentioned, resetting your network really should be a last resort when troubleshooting cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth issues that you just can’t resolve any other way.

I really would like to know if this procedure would help others as well.
I seem to be unable to replicate these issues, so I can’t try it myself.

There are risks, so please only try this when you really know what you’re doing and don’t mind having to setup all wifi networks from scratch, 'cause you will loose all passwords and stuff and also all Bluetooth and cellular settings.

If you do try, let us know if it solves the issues or not.
It doesn’t seem to always work.

Some things are out of John’s hands though. Like a network being configured to not let wifi devices see or interact with each other.
A fix is already being worked on that allows IF and IF-I to connect on the same device without needing network access, using Local Host.

Thanks for your patience and your help.
It will get fixed. We do however need to identify the culprit first.


Thanks Jan, i think ill try resetting the network settings. I would say its worth the shot.


When you all find the right insecticide to kill all the bugs in the IOS version…please work next on getting a vaccine for the Android version !!!


Be careful!
You’ll loose all network settings, including Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular.