In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


iPhone 7 updated to the latest iOS


And no IP address showed up?!

To be clear, I connected an iPad to the hotspot of the phone and ran both apps on the iPad.
One app on the phone and the other on the iPad didn’t work.
Two devices connected to the hotspot works as well. Just not with one of the apps on the phone that is the hotspot.


Yes app on the iphone app on iPad works but both apps running on a iPad Pro doesn’t work


Im so frustrated with this…I cant connect and have been trying to connect for hours…keep saying the same thing over again. How can I get a refund?


Thanks for testing.
We’ll figure it out.


No problem all good things take time


It’s frustrating for us as well.

We need to identify the culprit.
We’re trying our best to do just that and we’ll get it “fixed”.
Just bear with us.

Thanks for your patience!


will this be available for Mac soon?


So sorry about the issues, I totally understand the frustration - it seems there are network issues for a few of you that I didn’t expect and that didn’t happen to me or @Jan (beta tester extraordinaire).

If you want a refund, here are instructions how to go about it, but note that then (as far as I know) Apple won’t let you download the app a second time (even when I hopefully find a fix for the issues):


This probably will not come to the mac, it is more likely to come to android. But who knows, mac is always a possibility


I have faith that you will fix it…I can wait…for it…


So AussieWombat tried a different network and it worked great then…
So for those of you having issues: if you could describe your network that would be helpful. Is it a guest network? Is it fast or slow and patchy? Do you have a firewall? Anything else that might cause issues?


I can describe my one that didnt Work:

Slow and patchy, no firewall


Sounds like a bit of Wireshark investigation is required :)


Two questions, if I buy the $3 USD app by itself, I will only get the basic six? and also which GA aircraft will the basic six be compatible with? Thanks.


Yes, if you buy the app you get the basic 6 pack.

The 6 pack works with every aircraft ;)

Hope I could help :)


Doesn’t the airspeed indicator only go up to 200 knots which wouldn’t work for some aircraft that has higher speeds? Thanks for the help.


Yeah, but it still works with the aircraft. Example:

You are right, all the GA aircraft work best with it


Ok thanks, I understand now, deciding whether or not to get this.


From all the pics l have seen so far…the instruments in the app seem to always envelope a major portion of the visible screen…heretofore is there a way to shrink the app display down as you can do with many widget sizes such as are available for live updating apps on the home screen for WX and other applications…or otherwise a timed delay feature that only allow you to see the app only after a preprogrammed number of seconds !!!