In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


Congratulations and Merry Christmas… I think its time for your hard earned break and then to start android development :) I will definitely pre-order all the instruments for android when it comes out!


Thanks so much! However…

I think you misspelled “if”.


Couldn’t possibly agree more, I’m sure I will be much better two weeks later!

lol hopefully


What a great Christmas present, John!

Still having a few issues with it when trying to connect to Infinite Flight and haven’t had a chance to fully play around with it.

Thanks for developing it! I’m very excited to see what other apps you decide to create for Infinite Flight. :)

Merry Christmas!


The app doesn‘t connect with IF even though I followed the instructions. Any ideas?

I am using a single iPad. IFAssistant connects without any problems


Hey, sorry for the issues.

This seems to be the same issue AussieWombat was having. I am still trying to figure out why, since for nearly everyone else it is working!

I am currently working on an update that should definitely make the single device scenario work.

At this point, maybe try unchecking/rechecking the IFC Switch in IF, reinstalling IF, rebooting your device, trying a different WiFi…turning “airplane mode” on and off…uhhhh…that’s all I have at this point.

Does anyone who was having connection issues and then solved them have any tips of something you did that made it work for you?


I’m also having this issue, all devices are up-to-date (iPad Air 2, iPhone 7 Plus) all apps are up to date. Same wi-fi. I’ve restarted apps and power cycled devices. Tried with the iPhone and multi-tasking on the iPad to no avail. IP address seems to fluctuate. Interested in any input.


Interesting. Another strange piece to the puzzle. 🤔


Yes I am also facing this issue. I mentioned that. Not sure why it’s happening.

Still trying to find a viable solution. If I do, I’ll be sure to share it to hopefully assist others with this same problem.


Merry Christmas! I don’t have an iPad so I’m wondering if you can run the instruments on my Mac while using my iPhone for IF? If not, hopefully there a new iPad inside one of these gift boxes! ;). Congrats and thank you so much for your commitment to providing us with quality apps to improve our sim experience!


I have already sent you a dm about this issue. I am posting here in order to show other people that I am also facing these issues.


I have tried reinstalling IF now, airplane mode, and different wi-if networks. Heading to the in-laws now, bringing all the gear and going to try again on their network. Both are Comcast though, I’ll update as I can.


I am having problems connecting with infinite flight and the app on my iPad Pro works fine on another device but not on a single device


Could you try to hook up your ipad to a personal hotspot, that worked for me. If that doesn’t work, then a new update is coming out for the app. It introduces localHost which will pretty much guaranteed solve your problem. :)

Happy Holidays!


If it doesn’t work there, could you try to connect to a mobile hotspot to do it? That seemed to work for me, if it doesn’t there is a fix coming out which includes localHost. That should fix your issue if youre using on one device


Thanks tried that no joy I’ve got the basic six and I’ve just bought the Primary flight display but the PFD seems very small compared to the others when viewed on a iphone


Try to long press the PDF, the press the orange arrows that show up, that makes it bigger :)

If you want it even bigger than that, use iOS’s 3 finger tap zoom feature


Did the IP address show?


No nothing showed up


What phone are you using?

I tested the hotspots of an iPhone 5S and a Samsung S8+ and they both worked fine.