In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


Magic. It works. Thank you so much Jan and John for the assistance. Let’s go buy some more IAPs now!


Great! You’re welcome! Enjoy! 👍😃


Could you try unchecking and rechecking Enable Infinite Flight Connect and closing and restarting IF in between?


I certainly can try ;)


Ehh, unfortunately it didnt work :(


Aahh. Shame. It’ll get figured out.


Could you try on another Wi-Fi network?
That way issues with firewalls or other router issues can be excluded.


Yep, tried. Quite a few times


I just tried it out for the first time, it all works perfectly (except the IAPs as I didn’t get them yet). It made landing a Cirrus so much easier, and I actually made a smooth landing, instead of bouncing and nearly crashing! I’m leaving 5 stars on the App Store.


Hello love the app but how do I have it so it’s on one screen.


Do you have it on one screen or different screens?


One screen mode is as a Slide Over on an iPad that supports Slide Over apps.

See here for a list of iPads that support it (obviously any iPad later than those works too):


I have an iPad Air 2 but I can’t make it into a split screen (because I don’t know how to).


(for iOS 11):

  1. Go into Infinite Flight
  2. Swipe up a bit from the bottom of the screen
  3. Drag In-Flight Instruments from this app bar to the right side of your screen.
  4. Let go.


If you are on iOS 11, then here’s how:

  1. Open IF-I and then minimize the app (don’t quit it all the way.)
  2. Open IF
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen just a tad so that you see this little gray strip of app icons
  4. Drag IF-I the icon onto one side of the screen and then let go so that it shows up.


Oh ok thanks great…


Thanks for the help.


Awesome! Thanks, those reviews always make my day. 😅


Yup I left five stars 🌟 too.


Is there any way to make it smaller?